Voice Communication Systems for Air Traffic Control

Date 29.04.2013
This year’s Integrated Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) conference was held in Washington DC from April 23 – 25.

The ICNS covered long-term research and development, as well as the current implementation of integrated CNS technologies. The aim of the event was to demonstrate the significant improvements in safety and airspace efficiency envisaged by programs such as NextGen and the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) initiative. The conference once more demonstrated how global ATM services are merging within SESAR and NextGen. Frequentis attended ICNS and gave two presentations: one on the “Aerodrome Map Information Service” (April 23) and another on “Distributed Multiple Independent Layers of Security (MILS)” (April 25).

The Frequentis contribution on the Aerodrome Map Information Service was a joint venture with NORCAON/LFV, the Swedish civil aviation administration. It drew on some impressive research results from Frequentis, spreading insights across the Atlantic from SESAR to NextGen.

The service will encourage further technical developments in line with refined operational concepts. These include common situational awareness (shared by tower and ground personnel), automated taxiing network operations, and general airport layout information providing baseline data for various applications. The approach taken with the service model reuses concepts from existing standards (the ISO 19000 series) in alignment with data payload standards from RTCA DO-272C/EUROCAE ED-99C and RTCA DO-291B/EUROCAE ED-119B. This seems the best way to minimise the effort required to reach the desired level of global interoperability.

Distributed MILS introduces a concept for dependable information and communication infrastructures, as applied to ATM voice and data services. It allows selected information elements to reside in different domains, but prohibits the propagation of faults from one domain to another, thereby enabling valid business continuity design.


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