Yangon International Airport Acquires Aircraft Recovery Equipment to Increase Preparedness for Runway Excursions

Date 03.05.2023

  • Yangon International Airport buys the latest aircraft recovery technologies from RESQTEC.
  • RESQTEC’s aircraft recovery equipment will help Yangon International Airport to bring down the runway closure time after an incident by more than 50%

Incidents with disabled aircraft occur on average three times per week globally and can cause major disruptions of airport operations. On average these types of incidents close down a runway for over 17 hours.

In line with ICAO regulations and industry best practices, Yangon Aerodrome Company limited Ltd (YACL), the operator of Yangon International Airport, has decided to invest in its preparedness for such incidents to reduce their impact on the airport’s operations. RESQTEC has been chosen to provide aircraft recovery equipment and to support the airport’s emergency response team with theoretical and practical training.

By acquiring RESQTEC’s latest aircraft recovery technologies, Yangon international Airport follows major airports in the region such as Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore), Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi, Vietnam), Brunei International Airport (Brunei) and Beijing Daxing International Airport (Beijing, China).

“We are very happy to welcome Yangon International Airport to the RESQTEC family. By choosing for our R2S lifting system they show that they do not underestimate the risks associated with incidents with disabled aircraft and how they value a strong and reliable operation. Being prepared is the key to running a high-performance airport,” said Dennis Beck, Global Sales Director at RESQTEC.

“In December 2022, the YACL staff were given refresher training up to ICAO standards, and RESQTEC supported them in increasing their preparedness. The goal was accomplished by YACL teams becoming familiar with the tools, learning which tools to use for various circumstances and aircraft types, and comprehending how RESQTEC equipment can improve an aircraft recovery response plan. The team successfully completed scenario planning and evaluation, which was followed by practical demonstrations, as part of the training. The addition of the RESQTEC equipment will improve YACL’s ability to remove immobilized aircraft in the Movement Areas while upholding their commitment to maintaining the greatest operating efficiency and safety levels on YIA operations”, said Pedro Cavem, Chief Operating Officer of Yangon International Airport.

For more information about this project, you can contact RESQTEC at arteam@resqtec.com or at 0031252419002.


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