Zoeftig - Edinburgh Gateway Railway Station - Edinburgh’s gateway to a connected future

Company Zoeftig
Date 23.01.2017

When the high-profile Edinburgh Gateway Railway Station opened its platforms to passengers at the end of 2016, it required an industry leading seating provider that could keep up with the pace by providing innovative solutions.

At the forefront of the Edinburgh-Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP), the £41 million train station and interchange is central in the country’s ongoing rail development, providing greater connectivity between cities to benefit its businesses.

As part of the essential moderinsation and transformation process, Zoeftig was chosen to deliver over 100 seating solutions from both of the Zineare and inFINITE ranges, supplying outstanding reliability, resilience and relaxation.

Chosen specifically for their robust engineering and renowned high quality, 76 seating solutions from the Zineare range were installed to provide practical, low maintenance seating that meets the most demanding requirements of a capital city.

Complemented by this, 30 of Zoeftig’s award-winning inFINITE solutions in black were chosen to provide limitless reconfiguarbility options including traditional rows, convivial arc shapes and functional clusters which ensure maximum capacity and comfort for passengers.

Situated between South Gyle and Dalmeny, the contemporary station serves passengers from Fife and the north of the city, linking the Capital’s northern train line to the current tram network. The station will also provide direct services to Edinburgh Airport and local service to Perth, Dundee and Inverness.

The Gateway is one of 29 infrastructure investment priorities outlined that will support the growth of Scotland’s businesses, providing a rail network that is faster, easier and stronger.


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