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Company Zoeftig
Date 19.06.2017

In 1987, Iceland’s Keflavik airport was built to accommodate just two international airlines. Since then, tourism to the country has grown exponentially, with the terminal now playing host to 26 airlines in total. The overall size has increased three-fold, and Isavia, the state body responsible for running Iceland’s airports, had no hesitation in selecting Zoeftig to furnish the airport’s additional space.

The brief from Keflavik was clear: durable, strong and comfortable seating was required to fit out the additional 7,000m2 extension to the airport’s South Building, which opened in June 2017. After a highly competitive tender process in which the airport visited each of the bidders personally, it soon became clear that Zoeftig was the obvious choice for providing reliability, comfort and style.

With an estimated footfall of around 8.7m in 2017, the airport required seating that could withstand high volumes of passengers in transit. For this reason, we installed 542 units of our renowned inFINITE range, 16 of which were the closed-stitch recliner option for rest areas. With Keflavik competing for international transit status, the option for those waiting for connecting flights to lie back is vital in bolstering its position. An additional 72 between-seat tables were also provided, completed in a sleek and classic oiled walnut finish.

Our ability to recognise the unique needs of each client is what puts us a cut above the rest. In today’s increasingly technologically dependent world, the ability to charge mobile devices whilst in transit is paramount to making an airport as comfortable and accommodating as possible for its customers. To ensure Keflavik meets the demands of its ever-growing visitor base, we installed 20 of our between-seat Charge Plus power units, as well as 18 of our Boost table top options. Both options provide universal power adaptors to make travelling seamless for visitors from far and wide.

Paul Williams, CEO of Zoeftig Group, commented: “We were thrilled to be selected to provide the seating for the extension to Keflavik airport. We recognise Iceland’s increasing popularity and therefore sought solutions that would be able to accommodate this. For more than 45 years, we have strived to meet client’s needs by taking into account the individual requirements of each project, in order to provide unparalleled bespoke solutions the world over.”


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