Zoeftig - Staying local to be global

Company Zoeftig
Date 15.05.2017

For nearly 50 years, international seating provider Zoeftig has been at the forefront of terminal seating design on a global scale. Its ever-growing global portfolio can be attributed to its ‘local to be global’ ethos, which puts the individual needs of each client at the forefront of the design work.

Overseen from Cornwall, UK, Zoeftig now has five satellite offices in the US, Dubai, Malaysia and Brazil. As the brand approaches the half-century milestone, its global portfolio continues to go from strength to strength.

Since 2012, Zoeftig has provided more than 4,000 units of its Zenky range to Russia’s Domodedovo Airport as part of the current development of its Second Terminal. Due to its ability to tailor the seating solutions to the exact needs of the airport, Zoeftig has been re-commissioned to provide additional seating for the airport’s current 230,000m2 development at Domodedovo, designed to accommodate the 60,000 visitors expected to arrive in the city for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Also seeing great success in Asia, Zoeftig soon became the clear front-runner as the seating provider of choice when Indonesia’s busiest airport was faced with the substantial task of building a third terminal. In 2016, Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta airport commissioned 3,000 units of Zoeftig’s inFINITE range, providing the versatility and adaptability that are crucial to keeping up with the ever-changing needs of the airport.

Ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics, Zoeftig was selected as seating provider for the $306m upgrade to Brasília International Airport. The brief required a manufacturer that was able to install more than 8,000 seats in preparation for the influx of tourists into Brazil. Zoeftig’s Zenky range was specified as the perfect solution to meet the needs of the airport, addressing the unique requirements to provide comfort and hardiness, while also delivering a modern and stylish aesthetic.

Paul Williams, CEO of Zoeftig Group, commented: “Zoeftig’s global presence continues to grow, and we’ve enjoyed great success across Europe, the Americas and Asia in recent years. We work tirelessly to avoid a ‘one size fits all’ approach, designing and manufacturing bespoke, tailored solutions to provide seating that is in line with the cultural, practical and aesthetic specification of each commission.

“Expertly combining tradition with innovation, Zoeftig is one of the industry’s longest-running seating manufacturers, with nearly half a century of experience under our belt. The provision of universal power adaptors, allowing travellers to charge their devices whilst in transit, is the hallmark of our innovative and practical approach.”


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