Underwing, Ground Handling, GSE, De-Icing, Ramp Safety & FOD Sweeping Equipment

For all your Underwing, Ground Handling, Airfield Safety Equipment, GSE, De-Icing, Ramp Safety and FOD Sweeping Equipment.

247GT is the new force in Europe for airport and aircraft ground support equipment supply.

247GT is UK based company serving international airport and GSE markets. Our mission is to deliver high value for money for all our equipment and services.

We use a matrix of professional people and technical support organizations to deliver the best advice and equipment support.

UK Airport Handling is part of the 247gt group.

Buy online directly from our e-commerce site http://www.ukairporthandling.com/

Company Profile

  • Underwing, Ground Handling & Ground Support Equipment

    247GT can supply all types of GSE, airfield safety equipment and underwing equipment.  Our focus is on supplying new equipment but we are equally happy to source pre-owned equipment for customer requirements.

    Product Range Includes

    • Trepel Airport Equipment – Authorized Agents
    • Global De-Icers   – Authorized Agents
    • Globalsys – Ground crew headsets
    • Towbars – All aircraft types, many in stock
    • UK Airport Handling – in house manufactured baggage and Cargo Trailers
    • FOD Razor runway sweepers
    • FKO Fire knock automatic fire extinguisher
    • Aircraft Wheel Chocks
    • Marshalling Wands
    • Steering Bypass Pins
    • TSU / WSU
    • PIGS  in house manufactured passenger guides
    • Passenger management systems and cones
    • Aircraft connection products
    • GSE parts support

  • Tow Bar Management and Supply

    Do you own a collection of tow bars? Are they fully maintained, checked for safety and fitted with the correct pins? If not you could be in for big bill for aircraft damage and serious issues with your insurance.

    We can check help and offer a menu of potential support you could have:

    • Identify and check condition
    • We can supply all  items to repair any towbar
    • We also supply new towbars from Lear Jet to A380 and everything in between
  • GSE & Airport Fleet Management Support

    At 247 GT we can provide a range of specialist services to help you make decisions on fleet requirements.

    1. If you are buying or selling equipment or returning it to the hire company we can assess the value for money, safety and operating efficiency
    2. Our inspections can determine repair costs, safety issues and environmental performance
    3. We can help you make that decision:
      buy – repair – sell – scrap
    4. We can help reduce painful early return costs on equipment leases


247GT Ltd
222 Moss Lane
Hesketh Bank
United Kingdom
  • +44 (0) 1772 81 69 74