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Airport Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety Barriers

A-Safe develops Atlas Barrier for BAA with Built in Memory!

A-Safe Atlas Barriers were specifically designed for use in the airport environment and exceeds the relevant BAA (British Airport Authority) loading standards by 6 – 9 times!

Atlas barrier is polymer based and acts like a memory that will flex when impacted upon, absorbing energy and returning to its original shape.

A-Safe is becoming both the standard and barrier of choice throughout Gatwick airport, replacing the previous double box beam metal barriers.

Company Profile

  • Airport Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety Barriers

    A-Safe saves Gatwick’s maintenance costs from flying through the roof

    A-Safe has installed all the protection for building and equipment in Gatwick’s North and South baggage handling halls.

    Gatwick previously had huge problems with floor damage around steel barriers.  Drive a luggage tug truck into rigid steel and the force will head straight to the floor anchor points, often damaging the concrete, fixings and barrier itself.  A-Safe will direct an impact force away from the floor and deflect or spread it throughout the Atlas system.

    Previously, Gatwick was spending between c. £100-150k on maintenance cost for the then existing steel barrier protection, particularly on floor damage, replacement parts and airport tug vehicle damage.

    In the two years since replacing the steel with A-Safe at a capital outlay of c. £100k Gatwick has spent approximately only £3000 on maintenance and repairs!


  • Airport Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety Barriers

    A-Safe Super Mars protection allows the A380 to land safely on planet Gatwick

    The ‘Super Mars’ (Super Multi-Aircraft Ramp System) is emergency cover should the A380 ever need to land at Gatwick.

    A-Safe Atlas barrier protects these ramp systems and a number of other important pieces of equipment including, FEGP’s (Fixed Electrical Ground Power), Gantry legs of stands, SEGS (Stand Electronic Guidance Systems), Goal posts and power units.

  • Airport Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety Barriers

    A-Safe’s new Atlas Plus Barrier used at Heathrow T3.

    A-Safe has developed the brand new Atlas Plus Barrier for equipment protection and people segregation in the Western Interface Project for Terminal 3 Baggage Hall.

    A-Safe provided full advice and consultation in this turnkey project for the hall protection, working closely with the airport architects.

    Future work, including the new Terminal 3 build, has A-Safe being specified by the consulting architects.

    A-Safe ignites interest from Frankfurt Airport on fire-safe barriers

    Frankfurt had a pressing need to properly protect a fuel station on the apron.  The A-Safe answer was to provide a polymer barrier with its renowned strength and durability with an appropriate change in its components to provide a high ignition point in excess of over 400o C to meet stringent standards.


  • Airport Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety Barriers

    Bespoke solution at Charles De Gaul:

    A-Safe has successfully implemented a substantial trial at Charles De Gaul with revamped Atlas Barrier.

    The new barrier has been designed with specific impact heights for the airport vehicles, but also has a specially designed base to remove any chance of a trip hazard in the walk ways.

    A-Safe’s success

    Built in Memory: 

    • Absorbs energy and returning to their original shape.

    No Painting Required:  

    • Self-coloured with no rust or corrosion

    Huge Savings on Maintenance Cost: 

    • Dramatic reduction in floor damage

    Green Option:  

    • 4.5 times less carbon footprint than Armco Barrier over 5 year’s of life.

    Easy Installation:

    • Modular design with no screws or bolts

    Advice and Consultation:

    • Free site survey, advice and risk assessment.

    BS6399 and BS6180 Certified
    Leasing Options available

    A-Safe the Preferred Option:

    Other airports benefitting from the A-Safe experience similar to Gatwick are: Stansted; Manchester; Charleroi, Belgium; Charles De Gaul, France and Abu Dhabi. Our International customers include: Coca Cola, DHL, Kimberly-Clark, Nestle and Toyota where A-Safe is the barrier of choice.


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