AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH

Mobility Aids for Passengers with Reduced Mobility - PRM

The company AAT Alber Antriebstechnik (power technology) develops, manufactures mobility aids for passengers with reduced mobility – PRM.

As for rehabilitation technology the owners of AAT have more than 25 years of experience in the construction and manufacturing of mobility aids for physically handicapped people. Especially for the handling of passengers with reduced mobility – PRM, AAT developed the motor stairclimber s-max D161 aviation version. The stairclimbers of AAT are in use at more than 150 airports worldwide.

For overcoming long distances and steep airbridges AAT has different pushing and braking aids for transportation wheelchairs in its product range.

For example the pushing and braking aid v-max makes it easier for you to drive on slopes thus increasing your radius of action considerably.

Going down-hill the v-max brakes automatically which makes your descent safer. Thus you gain in mobility and security. The v-max can be mounted to virtually all wheelchairs from a seat width of 36 cm and more.

Company Profile

  • s-max aviation - The sturdy stairclimber

    Developed for the professional use at airports, the s-max aviation is the intelligent solution to intricate situations of transportation in confined spaces

    • safe and comfortable – dignified transportation of passengers
    • minimal effort – takes the strain from personnel
    • variable speed – to suit every situation
    • patented turning device – to manoeuvre in a confined space
    • compact dimensions – terminal to aircraft seat without transfer
    • accessories that make sense – equipped for all types of applications

  • s-max sella aviation - The multi-functional stairclimber

    The s-max sella aviation is the ideal solutions for aircrafts with integrated stairs, for example business jets, in which case you take the stair climber with you aboard.

    • this electric stairclimber is applicable on virtually all types of stairs
    • easy to store. For transportation you can fold up or disassemble the s-max sella aviation easily
    • integrated seat
  • v-max - The effective pushing and braking aid

    The perfect device to overcome long distances and steep airbridges.

    • a range of up to 15 km
    • permanent and efficient direct power of the rear wheels
    • continuously adjustable speed, forward up to 6 km/h, backward up to 3 km/h
    • slopes up to 20 %
    • driving on ramps and tracks
    • compact size
    • low weight and easy assembly/disassembly
    • applicable to almost all manual wheelchairs of a seat width measuring at least 36 cm
  • c-max aviation - The compact stair climber

    The c-max aviation is designed for professional use in big and medium sized airplanes.

    With a climbing height of 22.5 cm it can be used on all current gangways. Persons with reduced mobility can be transported safely and virtually without physical effort from the airfield to their seats in the airplane.

    With the c-max aviation you can manage almost all types of stairs. Regardless of whether you are inside or outside, facing winding or straight stairs, the device climbs safely and comfortably


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