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Automated Baggage Loading and Unloading Equipment, Automated Guided Vehicles, Turn-Key and Tailor-Made Automation Solutions.

AAT Automation GmbH, founded in 1995 in Karlsruhe/Germany, has been serving customers to implement innovative solutions for automation requirements in a wide variety of areas, such as conveyor and automated warehouse systems, production and recycling facilities, Automated Guided Vehicles, Robotics and UV disinfection & sterilization systems.

As a first mover on fully automated loading of passenger baggage, from the baggage handling system into ULD’s, AAT’s Automated Baggage Loading Equipment (ABLE) since more than a decade is in real-life operation on several airports in Europe. With the experience gained and a strong background in automation, robotics, camera technology and computer algorithms, AAT is capable of integrating its fully Automated Baggage Loading and Unloading Equipment and Automated Guided Vehicles in existing and/or new baggage handling systems.

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Technology and innovation: Automated Baggage Loading Equipment (ABLE)

Rapid technological advancements have allowed organizations in all fields of life to automate processes, which until recently still were performed by humans. Although the aviation industry also has made significant advancements in digitalization and automation, …


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