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Airside Bird Logging Solutions

Abbeytek Ltd. has been developing mission critical software in the industrial and commercial arenas for over 20 years.

Our Airside logging and reporting system, designed in conjunction with Birdstrike Management Ltd. and Leeds Bradford International Airport, is simple, efficient, elegant and reliable, providing exactly the services and functions that are required and utilising tried and tested cloud technologies to securely store your data.

Accurate data showing what is happening out on the airfield is essential to build and maintain a good wildlife control strategy, reducing bird strikes and associated damage and costs. Our systems ensure that data is accurately and securely collected and our online analysis tools show key indicators at a glance. We also provide an addon service to deliver a custom monthly report based on your data, written by an expert aviation ornithologist.

Company Profile

  • Airside - Wildlife Logging System

    Join other airports in quickly and cost effectively rolling out our Wildlife Logging System to your airfield.

    • Collect Data and make informed decisions
    • Standards Compliant
    • Designed by experts
    • Reduce recording errors
    • Unlimited users and logs
    • An evolving system that keeps pace with current logging practices
    • Get up and running in hours, not weeks
    • A flexible service that works for you
    • Integrate with your existing and future systems
    • Proven track record with customers
    • Useful features continually added
    • 13km logging
    • Runway Inspection
  • Get control of your data

    Instant monthly analysis on your data including:

    • Overall recording effort for each day
    • Control Methods and User Delivery
    • Control Methods by User
    • Species by Area
    • Average Reporting Interval by User
  • Daily mapping

    • Control, Flypast and Bird Strike events mapped around the airfield
    • Instant view of daily activity and coverage


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