Airport Security Locking and Access Control Solutions

Abloy UK currently supply mechanical locks and electromechanical access control solutions across the majority of Critical National Infrastructure. Abloy are world renowned experts in the specification and supply of high security solutions for the Energy, Water, Communications, MoD, Rail and Airport sectors. Abloy possess an unrivalled level of compliant and secure products, including solutions to secure both Airside and Landside areas, air traffic control, transit hubs, hangars, engineering services, retail, airline operators and service providers etc.

Abloy are also able to provide solutions to achieve dynamic lockdown in airports; an organisation will need the ability to quickly restrict access and egress to a site or building – or areas in the building – through physical measures in response to a threat, either external or internal. The aim is to cordon off areas to prevent the attackers from accessing them, and also stop people moving into zones that may be of danger. A key aspect of achieving dynamic lockdown is ensuring the correct access control systems are in place. So when it comes to specifying security solutions for these types of doors, what’s the best solution? Electric locks – such as the Abloy EL560 solenoid lock and EL520 motorised lock – work by controlling either the latch or the handle, or by motorising the dead bolt when an access token is presented or a request to exit device is used. This ensures that only authorised personnel are able to gain access to the building, and the system will prevent any unauthorised persons from entering, whilst always maintaining a fully compliant means of escape.

The product range includes LPCB-rated (LPS 1654) master keyed security cylinders, padlocks, low energy electronically controlled security and escape locks, door operators, fire and SR rated security doors and key management systems. One of the most secure solutions is PROTEC2 CLIQ, a Cloud based electro-mechanical security management solution that allows for the remote management of large sites at any time, from anywhere. The PROTEC2 CLIQ system provides comprehensive audit trails on cylinders and padlocks, recording who used each key, where and when, with the ability to remove permissions for lost or stolen keys, thereby providing secure key management. The latest innovation – CLIQ Connect – utilises a revolutionary AES encrypted online management system that uses advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology, enabling users to update keys from their smartphone.

Extensive periods of construction and renovation work means staff and contractors need to be granted access to a wide range of restricted areas at all times. To achieve the security necessary, several of our airport clients are benefiting from the use of Protec2 CLIQ.

Features CLIQ provides include:

  • – Authorised time and date controlled access for staff and contractors
  • – Ability to enable and revoke key authorisation remotely
  • – Substantial operational efficiencies
  • – Full Audit trail reports
  • – Delete lost / stolen keys
  • – Integration with permit to work, asset management and HR systems
  • – 100% control of all keys, 100% of the time

Company Profile

  • Electromechanical Access control and Asset Management system

    CLIQ – The key to seamless and smart airport security.

    CLIQ delivers high levels of security and access control, even in remote areas. CLIQ technology provides significant cost savings through integration of PTW, delivering health and safety, traceability and operational efficiencies.

    To find out more about Abloy’s solutions in the Airport sector, click here http://www.abloy.co.uk/en/abloy/abloy-co-uk/solutions1/airport/

    To read how Abloy secured Gatwick Airport using CLIQ http://www.abloy.co.uk/Abloy/AbloyCOUK/Solutions/Utilities/GatwickAirport_Aviation_CLIQ_2013.pdf

    Electric locks

    Abloy has launched a range of electric locking solutions that blend high security with eco-friendliness in the same lock, especially in comparison to door magnets.

    In instances where the energy consumption of a building needs to be reduced, electric locks are an ideal solution to help increase energy efficiency. Door magnets have traditionally been the standard choice for access control points in commercial buildings, but electric locks are actually a more energy efficient solution. This is because door magnets require an electric current to lock the door, whereas an electric lock only uses power to open the door, meaning they do not consume as much electricity.

    The locking solutions are fast and easy to install, and are also compatible with traditional devices. By selecting our electric locks, specifiers can ensure that they are choosing a system that not only allows for swift and easy access and egress alongside an enhanced security provision, but they are also reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of a building too. Abloy Electric Locks also comply with the new Standard EN13637 for access control escape doors, as well as EN1125 and EN179. To find out more, book a place on the Abloy Academy by emailing marketing@abloy.co.uk.

  • Mechanical Locking Solutions

    ABLOY PROTEC² is a pick-proof, bump-proof and patented mechanism and key preventing illicit duplication of keys and is recognised all over the world as the highest security cylinder.

    It exceeds requirements of several international standards. With an extensive product range including padlocks, it can be used across a wide variety of applications.

    It is independently tested in accordance with British and European standards,

    including the UK Loss Prevention Council’s LPS 1175 1654 Standard and CPNI.

  • Padlocks

    Abloy provide padlocks to meet the strictest standards in the UK and Ireland. Resisting attack and the severest of climactic conditions, ABLOY® padlocks are considered to be the strongest padlocks in the world, currently securing Critical National Infrastructure worldwide.

  • SR Rated Security and Fire Doors

    Abloy’s range of steel and timber fire and security doors are independently tested in accordance with British and European standards, including the UK Loss Prevention Council’s LPS 1175 Standard, CPNI and are registered with Secured by Design.

  • Training on Standards and Dynamic Lockdown

    The Abloy Academy provides training of the highest standard, and the Academy brand is recognised as a mark of excellence and accreditation. The Academy offers dedicated facilities covering presentations, education and hands-on practical training. To reserve your place simply call us on 01902 364543, e-mail marketing@abloy.co.uk – or contact your Sales Account Manager. We also offer bespoke courses to suit your specific requirements.

    Foundations – Covers the majority of standards applicable to door sets from hinges to door selectors in simple to understand chunks.

    Foundations Plus – This course is designed for delegates who have attended the Foundations course and have understood the implications of the Constructions Product Directive, regulatory reform order and the implications of specifications to the BS/EN standards.

    The course will utilize the theory and knowledge gained from the Foundations course to develop and defend Standards Compliant Electric Locking Solutions for Access Control Doors.

    Electric locking – The course provides a comprehensive understanding of electric locks. It is strongly recommended that delegates sit the Foundations Course before attending the Electric Locking course. The course is hands on and comprehensive, covering all of the popular Abloy electric locks and eff-eff electric releases.

    Electric lock installation – The course is designed to ensure that we create a perfect mortice first time, every time; ensuring that the lock is installed both horizontally and vertically correct at all times. In practice we try to ensure a factory fit, and mortice to doors that ARE already hung.

    Door Operators – Full-day course for installers, Lock Centres and end users.

    All Abloy Door Operator Installers must attend and pass this course before their company can purchase Door Automation products from Abloy UK.

    Door Operators 2 – Full-day course for installers, Lock Centres and end users.

    A hands-on course, putting into practice the theory learnt during the classroom sessions in our state-of-the-art Workshop, including dedicated door and work bench for each attendee

    Mechanical locks – Full-day course for installers, security managers, Lock Centres, end users, and specifiers.

    • Understanding the mechanisms:
    • assembly
    • master keying principles
    • master key design
    • records keeping
    • features & benefits
    • overview


    ABLOY CLIQ – Full-day course for installers, security managers, Lock Centres, specifiers and engineers.

    The course provides a solid understanding of the Protec2 CLIQ product group.

    It will cover both hardware and software aspects:



    • CLIQ technology overview
    • Available products
    • Keys and C-keys
    • Fitting CLIQ devices
    • Software
    • CLIQ Webmanager
    • CLIQ Installation and SSL Certificates
    • Handing Out/In keys
    • Access rights for keys
    • Key and cylinder audit trails
    • Key schedules
    • Operator levels and tasks.
  • Traka21

    Traka21 is a sophisticated stand-alone key management system which combines innovative RFID technology and robust design to provide small and medium sizes businesses with the advanced management of 21 keys or keysets in an affordable plug and play unit.

    Simple, efficient and cost-effective, Traka21 helps trace and account for every key or keyset, which are individually locked in place,ensuring that critical business operations are never jeopardised.


    • Stand-alone Plug & Play solution with advanced RFID technology
    • Touchscreen interface
    • PIN access to designated keys or keysets which are individually locked in place
    • Keys are securely attached using special security seals
    • Simple to configure through setup wizard
    • No requirement for network connection or PC
    • Concealed robust fixing points allow secure wall fixing
    • Mains operated with optional battery backup

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