Airport LED Displays: Videowalls, FIDS and Digital Signage

Absen is the world’s leading supplier of LED displays covering flight information display systems (FIDS), airport operational control centres (AOCC) and digital signage solutions for media, advertising and wayfinding.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Absen has been the no.1 global exporter of LED displays since 2009, delivering over 35,000 projects in 120 countries. Absen has built a reputation for delivering high quality and reliable products at affordable prices.

Absen offers a wide range of award-winning LED products for both indoor and outdoor applications. Offering exceptional image clarity with high-brightness, high-contrast and extra-wide viewing angles, as well as easy of maintenance with front and/or rear servicing, Absen’s LED displays are perfect for busy airport environments.

Unlike LCD, LED can be built to fit any size and shape and viewing ability is not affected by daylight or brighter areas. Absen LED screens allow for creative boundaries to be pushed in terms of both the physical build and the content being produced.

Absen has delivered over 50 airport projects in all corners of the world: from Mexico to Melbourne and Oslo to Johannesburg. Notable reference sites include the new Istanbul Airport, Dubai International Airport, London Luton Airport, Rome Fiumicino Airport and Sydney Airport.

Typical applications include duty free and retail areas, lobbies and receptions, lounges, baggage areas, check-in counters, walk ways, outdoor entrances and control rooms.

Company News

Absen LED deployed at World’s Biggest Duty Free Area

1,000 sqm of the global manufacturer’s LED has been installed at the new Istanbul Airport, which will be the world’s largest airport once fully-completed, serving 200 million passengers annually Set to become the world’s largest airport, …

Absen prepares London Luton Airport’s new terminal for take-off with advanced digital display technologies

All eyes are on London Luton Airport in the aviation world, following the December 2018 opening of its upgraded terminal which has benefited from a £160 million re-development investment – the biggest in the airport’s …


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