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Airport Detection Devices for People Tracking and Counting

ADEC Intro ImageSwiss manufacturer ADEC Technologies AG was founded in 2009. The company is specialized in the development and production of airport detection devices for tracking and counting people, counting and classifying vehicles, as well as sensors for parking management.

In 2009, the company begun exploring technologies for a non-intrusive people counting system using 3D sensors. In the following years, new technologies dramatically lowered the costs for 3D sensors. ADEC’s line of people counter & tracker devices aims at satisfying the market needs for highly accurate people counters and trackers at affordable prices. In 2013, ADEC Technologies introduced the Observer One PoE powered, privacy-protecting people counter & tracker.

The Airport Detection Devices for Tracking and Counting People are typically integrated into other systems, such as passenger queuing and ticketing systems.

The Observer One is the primary choice for all indoor people-counting applications that require accurate yet anonymous counts through complete protection for the privacy of the people being counted.

Multiple Observer devices can be combined to build arbitrarily large, coherent detection zones that act like a single field of view. Counting lines as well as polygon-shaped counting zones can easily be created using the Windows-based commissioning software, which can also be used as front-end for visualisation purposes, such as signage applications. On the back-end, count values and even dwell-times can be recorded, transmitted to any UDP server or transmitted to the ADEC cloud service where they can be reviewed through any web-browser or machine-retrieved through the web-interfaces.

The company has established itself as quality supplier of high-performance detectors. We aim to provide industry-leading combination of product excellence with customer training and support.

Company Profile

  • Detection Devices for People Tracking and Counting

    ADEC’s Observer One is an all-in-one, easy-to-install yet reliable solution designed to accurately count people indoors in areas not affected by direct sunlight. The system easily overcomes the inherent limitations of today’s people counter solutions operating with normal or stereo-cameras. It mounts at between 3 to 4.5 meters (10 – 15 ft.) above the ground.

    The Observer One unit is rather easy to set-up for training the system is not necessary; a single unit installation does not need any walk-testing, two or more units require a person to walk between the individual detection zones a few times to calibrate the relative position of the units to one another.

    To increase the detection zone, for example to monitor a larger entry or exit point, additional observer units are mounted adjacent to the existing unit(s) to enlarge the detection zone. Unlike common video-based systems, where privacy is often of great concern, the Observer One counting and tracking solution inherently protects the privacy of everyone detected since it neither has nor uses video for its analytics.

    The advantage of using sensors that use 3D point-cloud data is the absence of any and all privacy concerns: No data can be acquired that would allow the identification of individuals. Additionally, the active nature of the system makes it independent from ambient light to work properly, permitting it to work equally well in complete darkness.

    Each counter acquires 3D point-cloud information from the built-in sensor. Any number of counting lines or polygons can be defined. Counting information is stored in the built-in or an external database. Detectors report automatically to the commissioning tool for calibration and configuration of count lines. The quickest way to access the up-to-date count values is to configure the device to send the counts to the cloud from where they can be viewed using any web-browser.

  • All-in-One, PoE (Power-over-Ethernet)

    Device for Counting and Dwell-Time Measurement

    Features of the Observer One:


    • 3D point-cloud sensors eliminate need for video-based surveillance and camera-based image acquisition & analysis. Privacy is protected by the very nature of the technology!

    Accurate Counting of People Indoors

    • Inaccuracies stemming from people pulling luggage or walking dogs etc. can easily be eliminated

    Works in complete darkness

    • Does not require ambient light, works in emergency situations and complete darkness as well as in normal ambient light indoors

    Minimal power consumption / PoE

    • The Observer One is PoE powered minimizing the labor costs associated with putting in the cables


    • Configuration software automatically discovers counters and facilitates guided configuration of unlimited counting polygons and counting lines

    Time/Location Data Output

    • Count values are available to any UDP server and to cloud service where it can be viewed through any webbrowser

    Measurement of Aerial Count and Dwell Time

    • Measures number of people in polygon-shaped area and duration of each person inside the area

  • Powerful Multi-Sensor Platform for External Depth Sensors

    The Observer II is a Hardware/Software solution that supports up to five depth image sensors to build up to five individual or aggregate fields of view for anonymously counting and tracking people. Observer II consists of an industrial PC that can accommodate multiple 3D sensors via USB, is the ideal choice for privacy-protecting people tracking in larger areas. It provides a cost-effective solution for applications that inherently require a larger detection zone.

    Like the Observer One – 3D imaging sensors used with the Observer II inherently do not invade privacy: No data can be acquired that would allow the identification of individuals. By supporting both TOF and/or structured light depth sensors, the system can be designed to accommodate for various mounting heights and ambient light conditions.

    The Observer II provides computing power to conduct the analytics of up to five 3D depth image sensors, connected via Ethernet or USB. The Observer II is used whenever people counting or person tracking occurs in a larger area, or when the standard structure light 3D sensor used in the Observer One does not meet the requirements of the project.

    Working with different 3D depth sensors, areas with mounting heights of up to 7 meters (23 ft.) can be covered, and disparate fields of view can effortlessly be joined together even if different types of 3D depth image sensors are used!

    Both Observer One and Observer II counters and trackers can be arbitrarily mixed and matched to optimally cover a given area.

  • Features of the Observer II:


    • 3D depth image sensors eliminate the need for video-based surveillance and camera-based image acquisition & analytics. Privacy is protected by the very nature of the technology!

    Tracking, Counting and Dwell-Time Measurement

    • Accurate position of every person in the field of view in real-time. Designed to operate up to 5 depth image sensors on one Observer II, larger installations can be accomplished very economically

    3D depth sensors via USB or Ethernet / PoE

    • or both, at the same time. ADEC-built PoE splitter permits operation of SR 4000 and SR 4500 TOF sensors using a PoE-switch as well

    Integrates and works with more 3D depth sensors as they become available

    • The architecture of the Observer II is designed to easily integrate and take advantage of future 3D depth sensors as they become available

    Auto configuration

    • Configuration software automatically discovers Observer units and facilitates guided configuration of unlimited counting polygons and counting lines


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