ADELTE Airport Technologies

Airport Passenger Boarding Bridges and PCA Units

ADELTE is an engineering group based in Barcelona. It provides engineering know how and result driven solutions for small to large airports around the world. From advanced Passenger Boarding Bridges and Terminal Solutions that deliver a better experience for passengers, to innovative Ground Support Equipment and Global Services to improve performance on the apron, ADELTE is focused on working closely with its partners to continously enhance airport operations.

With six decades of engineering and project experience, ADELTE is a leading reference worldwide in the design, manufacture and installation of Passenger Boarding Bridges. ADELTE enables airlines and airport operators to increase operational efficiency and reduce operational costs. Our reputation is internationally recognized for setting high standards, not only in design, aesthetics, safety, reliability and comfort, but in maintenance services, promptness of execution and customer service.

ADELTE delivers innovative, made-to-measure and high quality Passenger Boarding Bridges with two or three bodies, a hydraulic or electromechanical elevation system, glass or steel tunnels and an increasing or decreasing telescope extension. Our complete line ranges from Apron Drives and Nose Loaders to T-Bridges and Commuter Bridges. It can service all commercial aircrafts, from the largest A380 to smaller jets, and covers every terminal and all apron-specific configuration needs.

ADELTE’s unique designs and technologies guarantee optimal performance on the apron.

ADELTE provides airports with advanced Ground Support Equipment (GSE) specially designed to significantly enhance operational performance on the ramp and around the Passenger Boarding Bridges. Our products range from PCA Units, Auxiliary Hose Retrievers and Potable Water Supply System.

Company Profile

  • Passenger Boarding Bridges

    ADELTE enhances passenger experience with state-of-the art Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs) designed and built to provide unparalleled flexibility and long-lasting performance at airports worldwide.

    ADELTE’s range includes made-to-measure Apron Drives, the perfect solution for busy airports with high operational turnarounds, and ADELTE’s A380 Apron Drives, specifically designed to meet the challenge of boarding the next generation of aircraft.

    Because ADELTE closely controls every aspect of the design, manufacture and delivery of each Passenger Boarding Bridge, we are able to incorporate the latest technology and exclusive design features, like double bogies, multiple access at different aircraft levels and a special safety system that allows monitoring of the exact position of each Passenger Boarding Bridge at all times, avoiding any collisions or risks on the apron.

    ADELTE’s Passenger Boarding Bridges ensure that boarding aircrafts meets new standards in terms of flexibility, safety, stability and pa


  • Ground Support Equipment

    ADELTE provides airports with advanced Ground Support Equipment (GSE) designed to significantly enhance operational performance on the ramp and around the Passenger Boarding Bridge.

    ADELTE offers a wide range of innovative ramp equipment such as Preconditioned Air Units specially designed for heating and cooling stationed aircrafts in all climatic conditions

  • Passenger Terminal Solutions

    ADELTE is dedicated to the application of new information technology to airports in order to improve operations and logistics at passenger terminals and on the apron. ADELTE’s Passenger Terminal Solutions take airport operations to the next level, bringing smart technology to the challenge of running busy airport terminals.

    APRONAUT ® is the world’s first Passenger Boarding Bridge docking simulator, designed to provide effective and safe training for Passenger Boarding Bridge operators at airports. Using APRONAUT ®, airports can ensure that all operators are ready to dock Passenger Boarding Bridges without risking time and money by tying up.

  • Global Services

    With increased traffic, quicker turnaround and heavier passenger flow, reliability and efficiency of sophisticated airport equipment is essential.

    ADELTE, as a Global Services partner, provides a full range of technical services to both airlines and airports in order to ensure continues and maximum effectiveness on the apron and guaranty total safety and comfort for passengers and operators.

    ADELTE’s range of services includes Passenger Boarding Bridges operation and training, Passenger Boarding Bridges maintenance and spare parts, GSE maintenance and spare parts, Passenger Boarding Bridges refurbishment and terminal maintenance.

    • 24/7 technical Support
    • Maintenance, training and inspections programs adapted to clients specific requirements
    • Spare parts in stock and delivery within 24hr.
    • ADELTE diagnostics via Web access


ADELTE Airport Technologies
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