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Airport Capacity Planning, Assessments and Demand Forecasting Consultancy

AiQ Consulting is the iQ in airports who can help you ‘realise capacity’.

The trusted partner for the world’s most constrained and saturated airports. Our expert team delivers end-to-end airport capacity planning assessments involving passengers, baggage, vehicles, GSE and flights.

With expertise in airport planning, airport simulation, applied mathematics, engineering, operations and stakeholder management, alongside our bespoke in-house modelling and airport simulation software, TransvisionAiR™, our team dares to take on complex capacity problems.

We enable and simplify decision-making through 2D, 3D and VR, visualising and creating clear airport capacity scenario models from kerbside to airspace.

AiQ Consulting enables owners, operators and stakeholders to realise capacity, support investment decision for growth and future proof their airports.

Company Profile

  • Airport Capacity Planning & Assessments

    AiQ deliver end to end airport capacity planning assessments from kerbside to airspace in collaboration with NATS.

    With this key service, we analyse and simulate the entire operations and airport layout covering all key processes involving passengers, baggage, transit vehicles, GSE and flights.

    AiQ collate airport big data, including schedules, passenger and baggage figures and more to provide you with a holistic view of what is and isn’t working in your airport.

    We simulate the airport operations, showing stakeholders where the pinch points are and help to realise capacity through operational efficiency savings whilst recommending new technologies. Our expert team help future proof airports and aid decision making for future investments.

    AiQ are one of the only companies in the world with expertise in modeling scenarios across all key areas of airport workflows.

    Read how we helped Bristol Airport to analyse their data and to grow with the aim of welcoming 12 million passengers by 2024.

  • Independent demand and capacity declaration assessments of level 3 airports

    AiQ Consulting undertakes independent assessments of declaration capacity at level 3 airports. We can provide a holistic end to end analysis of capacity in level 3 airports, aimed to validate airports own analysis.

    Our expert team analyses all key airport processes from stands to baggage reclaim, to pick up and drop off, check in, security, emigration, IDL and piers in what is a very complex and challenging environment.

    An effective and detailed level of analysis of capacity and demand is essential to allow all available capacity to be realized and declared for slot allocation and use.

    Through our experience in opitimising highly constrained and saturated airports both in London Heathrow and Amsterdam Schiphol, AiQ can help management teams to plan phrased structured approach to growth to future proof their airport. 

    Read our recent independent declaration of capacity assessment of Schiphol Airport here

  • Airport demand forecasting

    This service looks at current and future demand, based on future flight schedules and the operational details of the airport.

    With the data we provide, clients can assess the need for new capacity for a passenger terminal, analyse airside vehicle activity or to create an overview of an entire airport’s operations. This ensures that our clients meet passenger demand, now and in the future.

    Review how we have helped London Heathrow Airport with their major projects here

  • Airport Simulation

    Our bespoke airport simulation modelling tool, TransvisionAiR™ creates a complete holistic model of your airport to provide foundations and support for all of the services above.

    As part of our consultancy services, TransvisionAiR™ develops simulations that accurately model all processes and passenger and baggage flows throughout airports.

    It collates and includes data on flight schedules, airlines, handlers, transit vehicles, passengers, GSE and much more to provide a detailed analysis of your airport, and the impact of any changes on capacity and operational effectiveness. It will highlight pinch points and bottlenecks when increasing your MPPA, providing knowledge for future investment decisions. The information is available in a variety of outputs depending on your requirements sich as graphs, 2D, 3D and Virtual Reality.

    For a detailed account of how simulations can improve your airport’s design or capacity planning, read our GMR Hyderabad Case Study.

    You can also view many of our airport simulations here

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