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Air Cargo Handling Equipment Design, Installation, Integration, Maintenance and Refurbishment

Air Tech Innovations are leading experts in air cargo handling system design, installation, integration, maintenance and refurbishment. Specialising in manufacturing and installation of large materials handling equipment projects within cargo and airside sectors.

Air Tech Innovations was launched in 2012 under the name Conveyor Services, where the company focus was in the Post and Parcel sector. A year later, a partnership programme was founded with air cargo handling equipment manufacturer, Mantar Engineering. Such was the success of the partnership, Mantar Engineering was purchased. In 2016, the company name was changed to Air Tech Innovations. Although the name has changed, Post and Parcel conveying equipment is still part of the now diverse product offering.

Featuring an in-house design department utilising the latest in 3D design software. The range of products and equipment Air Tech Innovations offer is increasing. Bespoke equipment is no problem, Air Tech Innovations has worked closely with many customers to design equipment to their specifications. Cost is often at the forefront of the design process, 3D modelling allows for every angle to be covered, allowing for equipment design to be both functional and cost effective.

Electrical design engineers are proficient with Profibus, AS-i, SCADA and ASIsafe. Conversant with PLCs from Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Schneider Electric and Crouzet. This huge range of abilities is crucial to the bespoke nature of many projects enabling Air Tech Innovations to supply exactly what the customer wants without compromise.

Installation engineers have CSCS cards, are CRB checked and Level D security cleared for airside work. Licenced for IPAF, fork lift trucks and scissor lifts, there are few places Air Tech Innovations cannot supply an installation service. Electrical installation engineers have ECS cards and hold JIB certificates enabling activities to take place on any site.

Air Tech Innovations will integrate equipment from many manufacturers and manage the project from start to finish, even the complete management of CDM sites. Integration of equipment can be difficult with varying specifications. Air Tech Innovations provide a dedicated project manager to ensure all projects run smoothly and on time.

Maintenance of handling equipment is of upmost importance to ensure it is operational and safe to use. Air Tech Innovations understand this and offer both planned and reactive maintenance services throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. Responding 24/7, 365 days per year, Air Tech Innovations will ensure downtime is minimised ensuring the time-sensitive air cargo industry will keep moving. Offering not only a repair service, advise is given to help prevent breakdowns re-occurring with modifications and upgrades to equipment and operations.


Planned Preventative Maintenance
Planned Preventative Maintenance is an investment to ensure the longevity of equipment and to maximise availability. The availability of equipment is in direct proportion to the quantity and quality of the maintenance provided. Air Tech Innovations will create an asset list for your site and create a tailored maintenance plan to suit your operation.
Reactive Maintenance
Responding 24/7, 365 days per year. Air Tech Innovations respond quickly to breakdowns and work to minimise downtime and bring equipment back into service.
Air Tech Innovations offer a service to extend the working life of your equipment. The refurbishment programme provides huge cost savings and reduced downtime by refurbishing your equipment with a quick turnaround before putting it back into service.
Safety Improvements
Improve the safety of your operation with the addition of finger stops around equipment edges. Addition of powered, automated pallet stops at ends of conveyor. Barrier, pedestrian and vehicle protection. Keeping your operators and equipment safe from accidental damage.
Automation Improvements
Automation of existing materials handling equipment to speed up your operation and limit manual handling. Addition of powered drives to gravity equipment. Addition of sensors to existing conveyor.
Improvements to existing materials handling systems including upgrades of control panel switch gear, inverters and PLCs. Motors upgrades, offering improved efficiency and service time. Improvements to mechanical items such as bearings, chains and sprockets.


Powered Roller Beds

Designed to move aircraft pallets though a cargo system, Powered Roller Beds are the transport links between handling equipment. Driven by a SEW geared motor unit, manual handling is reduced to almost zero. Non-slip walkover …

4 Way Powered Roller Bed

Similar to a Powered Roller Bed, a 4 Way Powered Roller Bed provides all the benefits of a Powered Roller Bed with the addition of transferring cargo at 90 degrees. Driven wheels pop-up between the …

Dolly Dock

Designed to transfer aircraft cargo from airside dollies into a cargo handling system and vice versa. Dollies suffer from wear and tear, this often reduces the height. Dolly Docks provide hydraulic height adjustment to enable …

Truck Dock Lifts

Closing the gap between road and air cargo transport, Truck Dock Lifts rise and lower, transporting aircraft pallets from road vehicles to cargo system height and vice versa. Hydraulic cylinders provide the lifting power and …

Mobile Scissor Lifts

Mobile Scissor Lifts offer an alternative mode of transport for air cargo.  Requiring only basic operator training, the Mobile Scissor Lift is a capable workhorse. Battery powered and fully manoeuvrable, a single operator can lift, …

Castor Decks

Castor Deck allows for the manual movement of aircraft pallets or ULDs through a cargo system. Utilising castors inverted in the deck, pallets can be moved and rotated in tight spaces with minimal effort. The …

Slave Pallets

Increase the flexibility of your operation by utilising Slave Pallets. Slave Pallets allow air cargo to be transported by fork lift truck. Lift-up pallet stops can be raised to prevent cargo falling during movement. Available …

Build Stations

Build Stations, installed in pits are designed to raise and lower cargo pallets above and below ground level. Aircraft pallets, when built can be over 2 m tall. The ability to lower pallets below ground …

Pallet Mover

Pallet Movers offer an alternative mode of transport for air cargo.  Requiring only basic operator training, the Pallet Mover is a capable workhorse. Battery powered and fully manoeuvrable, a single operator can move loads on …

EWSTP Carrier

Ensuring your x-ray equipment is performing correctly is paramount to safety, and required by IPECAC and Department for Transport. Periodic testing of the x-ray system is required using the Exposed Wire Standard Test Piece. The …

Protection Barriers, Partition Fencing and Pedestals

Health and Safety comes first with Air Tech Innovations. Air Tech Innovations  provide the best quality pedestrian barriers, partition fencing and pedestals for your warehouse or working cargo shed. Barriers, fencing and pedestals are specially …

ULD and Pallet Storage

ULD’s and Aircraft Pallets are owned by the airlines, keeping them in good order and easily accessible is essential to reduce costs incurred by damage and to save time. Air Tech Innovations storage solutions are …

Spare Parts

Spare parts supply for any materials handling equipment from any manufacturer. Including advising which items would be best kept on customers shelves or parts that could be ordered in quickly enough to not require customer …


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