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Automation of Airport Operational Information Systems and Baggage Management

Airport Systems software platforms give meaning to airport data, enabling our customers to run world class operations. 75% of the people who fly every year are served by airports that rely on our software platforms.

We are dedicated to the raising of airports’ operational efficiency, and our software platforms allow airports to continue to grow in a cost effective way.

Our comprehensive offerings around Airport Operational Systems and Baggage Management help airports and airlines to get passengers and their luggage off to the right destination on time. Our solutions include: AODB, FIDS, RMS, aeronautical charges billing engine, A-CDM, Day of Operations Situational Awareness, integration platform, DMAN Pre-Departure Sequencer, BRS.

An open relationship with our customers has proved vital to our mutual success and we take a proactive role in maintaining these important links, which is why we have a long and growing list of airports who have entrusted us with providing their operational software platforms for 10 years or more, some even for over 30 years. We help make airports better.

Company Profile

  • Our ecosystem of airport operational performance software platforms includes:

    • UltraDB – A-CDM-enabled, AIDX based, Airport Operational Database (AODB) for overall management of flight related data on the airport, providing the resilient and stable basis for total airport management that all stakeholders can trust.
    • UltraBILLINGFull airport aeronautical charge calculation engine and revenue invoicing platform that reduces client invoice dispute rates and improves cash position.
    • UltraFIDSFlexible and feature-rich FIDS incorporating Flight, Gate, Baggage and Staff Information Display System with content management and way-finding capability. The gold standard in flight information software platform design.
    • UltraRESOURCEResource Management System (RMS) that facilitates efficient use of valuable fixed airport resources (gate, stand, check-in desk, bag reclaim carousel, baggage make up positions, mobile apron based resources). Helping airports get more from what they have, and making sure that the initial/final contact a passenger has with the airport is memorable for all of the right reasons.
    • UltraAPEXDay of Operations focussed platform with Situational Awareness, Advanced Analytics and A-CDM accredited Aircraft Flow Management suites that enable collaborative decision making amongst stakeholders in the Operations Centre, Ramp Tower, Apron and beyond by transforming data into actionable insight.
    • UltraIBAirport specific Information Broker utilising SOA, RESTful and API based systems integration that offers a resilient and stable data aggregation platform underpinning the circulation of meaningful information around the airport.
    • UltraTRAKIATA 753 compliant Baggage Management System offering precision segregation, loading, security reconciliation, tracking and reflighting of baggage. Helping airports and airlines to get passengers and their luggage off to the right destination on time.


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