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Amglo Kemlite Laboratories Inc. is a global manufacturer of specialty lamps and was established in 1935. It services O.E.M. equipment manufacturers and distributors in the fields of Aerospace lighting, Airfield lighting, Medical lighting, Vehicular lighting, Obstruction lighting, Locomotive Lighting and Laser lamp industries.

Amglo’s current management team has been in place since 1978 but its foundation has been “Making Light Behave” since 1935. Amglo’s success is attributed to its continued investment in lamp technologies for specific industries that require custom engineered product. Amglo entered the Airfield Lighting market early, with its capability of manufacturing specialty Xenon flash lamps.

In late 1980’s Amglo entered in manufacturing of specialty Halogen lamps at the Largo Florida plant and early on started supplying directly to the FAA its specialty flame sealed PAR-lamps, which had to pass rigorous Intertek testing. Furthermore, Amglo has the capabilities of manufacturing its own lamp filaments and manufacturing equipment ensuring full customization of product.

In late 1990’s Amglo invested in the Metal Halide (HID) technology. With Xenon flash lamp manufacturing and assembly capability in Bensenville, Illinois and Juarez, Mexico as well as Halogen and Metal Halide manufacturing and assembly capability in Largo, Florida and Shenzhen, China – Amglo is the only manufacturer in the world to be able and supply specialty airport lamps encompassed by these three technologies.

Amglo’s laboratory is specially equipped with state of the art testing equipment capable of all photometric and spectral light measurements. All vibration and environmental tests are performed and monitored to replicate actual field conditions of the airfield lighting.

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  • Airport Runway, Taxiway & Approach Lighting

    6.6A 105W MR16 – Airfield Lamp

    Amglo is pleased to announce that with our special manufacturing capabilities we have managed to eliminate cement out-gassing in Amglo manufactured 105W 6.6A MR16.

    Historically 105W 6.6A MR16 shows significant reduction in operating lamp life in the OEM’s Inset Runway Lighting equipment. Main cause of lamp failure is heat. The significant heat experienced during lamp operation in the fixtures holding 2 lamps or more was measured to be in excess of 350 degrees C. Under these temperatures the cement holding lamp burner in the reflector would out-gas onto the lamp reflector, as well as the lens in the light fitting.

    This phenomenon exhibits significant issues for: OEM’s – since equipment does not perform to the required standard, Airports – incurring excessive costs in maintenance as well as spare parts (lamps and lenses inside the fixture), and Aircrafts – in particular since carriers are equipped with enhanced flight vision system for low visibility landing and taxiing operation, dependent on IR transmissions lamps produce.

    Amglo’s new ceramic material used, along with special manufacturing processes has been able to eliminate cement out-gassing on to the lamp reflector and fittings lenses. Amglo’s comparative testing in the OEM fixture shows significant improvement in lamp life up to 2-3 times longer than similar competitor products.


  • Airport Runway, Taxiway & Approach Lighting


    Many of these airport halogen lamps are assembled in PK30-d or MR-16 style lamps.

    Common applications for these lamps are airfield elevated runway edge, runway taxiway, in-pavement centerline, runway approach, PAPI systems, and signage.



    Airport Runway, Taxiway & Approach Lighting

    Airport Runway Flashlamps

    Flashlamps are commonly used in airport runway lighting, approach lights, runway centerline lights, runway end identifier lights, and obstruction lights.

    The lamps are used in sequential or single flash systems such as ALSF and ALSF-II lights, MALSR lights, and REIL light fixtures.

    They are high voltage bulbs that operate in the 1400 volt to 2300 volt range. These bulbs meet the FAA specs for approach light systems, ALSF lighting, MALSR lighting, REIL lighting, and L-850 fixture requirements.


  • Airport Runway, Taxiway & Approach Lighting


    Airport PAR lamps can be tungsten quartz halogen or xenon flash technology. The PAR sizes used range from PAR 20, 30, 36, 38, 46, 56, and 64.

    Lamp current for the halogen types is either 6.6 Ampere or 20.0 Ampere. The PAR 64 is used primarily in the VASI or rotating beacon fixtures, while the PAR 56 configuration is used in L-850, l-852 and 120 Volt runway approach systems.

    The xenon PAR 56 is also used for the MALSR and ALSF runway approach systems. These lamps are used in airfield runway approach, runway touchdown, runway centerline, VASI and PAPI systems.

  • Airport Runway, Taxiway & Approach Lighting

    Amglo offers a wide range of products for airfield lighting including airport runway, airport taxiway and airport approach lighting.

    Many Amglo airport lamps are supplied directly to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under long term supply contracts. All Amglo airfield lamps are engineered to overcome extreme weather and vibration conditions faced by airports around the world.

    The xenon lamp division is located in Bensenville, Illinois where it manufactures high powered quartz flashlamps while low power commodity xenon lamps and related assemblies are offered to customers from its Amglo Bravo facility in Juarez, Mexico.

    Amglo’s halogen division in Largo Florida, manufactures specialty low voltage hard glass halogen lamps, quartz halogen and metal halide discharge lamps.

    The halogen division’s sister company Firstech Lighting (Shenzhen, China) is known in the general lighting industry for manufacturing high quality halogen PAR lamps that are distributed throughout the world.

    We also specialize in different industries to assist our customers in the warning light, photographic, stage, stroboscopic, reprographic, aircraft, tower, machine vision, laser and medical markets. (link to website) Our growing list of lamp products include:

    • Xenon Flashtubes
    • Hard Glass and Quartz Halogen Lamps
    • H.I.D./Metal Halide Lamps
    • Sealed Beam PAR Reflector Lamps
    • HID PAR lamps
    • Obstruction Strobe Lights



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