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Airport Process and Conveyor Belting

Ammeraal Beltech is one of the world’s leaders in Airport Process Conveyor Belting. You will find our belting products at all the major airports around the world.

Passenger baggage is a vital aspect of airport management, and how quickly, safely and accurately it moves around will directly influence overall airport efficiency and consumer satisfaction. Ammeraal Beltech belts are providing outstanding service in airports around the world.

Check-in and Weighing

Ammeraal Beltech Check-in Belts are used in departure areas of airports around the world. Check-in and weighing systems require special properties. Our belts have profiles especially suited for the transport of roller suitcases.

Hand Baggage Control

One of the most vital steps in airport and aviation safety. Pre-departure security check, baggage screening and explosive detection systems are of paramount importance. Uni Modular Belts offer flexibility and quality and Flexam plied Synthetic Belts support passenger convenience (low noise).

X-Ray Scanning

One of the most vital steps in airport and aviation safety. Pre-departure security check, baggage screening and explosive detection systems are of paramount importance. Flexam Belts offer flexibility and quality. Our screening belts prevent breakdowns.

Sorting - Cross Belt Sorters

Baggage sorting involves high speed conveyors equipped with cross-belt and tilt-tray sorters to minimise transfer times. We can offer long wearing top covers with excellent grip properties. Flame-retardant according to ISO340!

Sorting - Tray Systems

Ammeraal Beltech offers innovative solutions for intelligent sorting and tray sorting systems. Strong belt construction and belt coatings (together with profiles designed for grip). No elongation of the belt also means there is no need for re-tensioning on most applications.

Sorting - Pushers and Dividers

Ammeraal Beltech quality ensures maximum service life. Pullers, pushers, merging facilities – all of these processes require belts that have special coatings to guarantee the firmest possible grip and smooth transport of luggage. Our impact resistant Flexam Belts are an industry favorite: Flame-retardant according to ISO340, no elongation of the belt thus no re-tensioning needed on most applications.

Transportation - Curve and Take-Away

Curved Belts must be able to handle heavy loads and transport luggage smoothly. Our extra-strong Curve Belts can handle loads up to 250 kg. Low noise yet strong belts, capable of high speeds.

Transportation - Merge, Take-Away and Vertical Sorting

Merge Conveyors are designed to queue baggage within a system, precisely adding bags from one conveyor line to another at high rates of speed. Our belts offer low coefficient of friction bottom covers. Our Merge Belts are engineered to provide efficient and accurate merging of various baggage sizes and can cycle up to 60 bags p/m.

Loading / Unloading - Belly Loading

A critical step performed in varying, often extreme weather conditions. We can offer impact resistant and high grip belts which are weather and temperature resistant and can have Anti-static properties.

Arrivals Claim

The final stage of the Baggage Handling System journey – baggage is delivered to passengers. Reliable, low noise and fire resistant belts with lateral stability for perfect tracking!

Company Profile

Our success is based on the fact that we control the full value chain (development, manufacturing, fabrication, sales, distribution and service) and the close co-operation with our customers, suppliers and other partners.

We are devoted to run our business sustainably, and at the same time to enable our clients to do the same.

Our company operates in a way that minimises the negative impacts and maximises the positive value for people, the environment and the society. The choice of suppliers is of paramount importance for us. It is always compliant with Responsible Sourcing Policy.

As the member of AMMEGA Group, Ammeraal Beltech is a signatory of United Nations Global Compact. We adhere to the following objectives:

  • good health and well-being,
  • decent work and economic growth,
  • industry innovation and infrastructure,
  • responsible consumption and production,
  • climate action.

In 2022, our Group has been awarded a platinum medal by Ecovadis in recognition of its sustainability achievement.

Because of the deep understanding of the airport industry need for energy efficiency, robust operating parameters and environmental sensitivity, we have developed the solutions that cater for all these needs. The wide Ammeraal Beltech product portfolio offers:

  • consistent energy savings,
  • reduced ecological footprint,
  • minimised maintenance and downtime,
  • superior hygienic performance,
  • low noise levels.

We have built upon the recycling technology and we’re leading the way to launch the production of conveyor belts with fabrics obtained from PET bottles – an option allowing the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, water usage and power consumption. This innovation brings further benefits to the customers in the form of improved sustainability score, eco-efficient performance and improved brand reputation.

More information on Ammeraal Beltech sustainability innovations is available here.



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