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TETRA Radio Integration - Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solutions - Telephony Integration - Command & Control - Access Control & CCTV

APD Communications Limited is a global leader in Airport Integrated Communications such as control room, mobile information, resource location and tracking solutions.

We specialise in delivering mission-critical and business-critical solutions to organisations within the public sector; transport, security and logistics industries. Award Winning Technology Competitor solutions have evolved from centralised hardware based radio switches, yet APD led the market launching CORTEX in 1996 as the first software ICCS in the world.

The next generation of CORTEX went on to win the showcase ICCS application for the UK Airwave TETRA network in 1999, becoming the first TETRA-enabled ICCS in the world.

With unique distributed P2P architecture, CORTEX has always been at the forefront of technology, in 2010 becoming the only ICCS in the world to be officially approved by Cisco’s stringent A2Q Assessors to handle emergency calls via a Cisco telephony platform.

Most recently in 2012, CORTEX won an award for the Best Innovation for our VoIP TETRA Pooling solution at the International TETRA Awards.

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    CORTEX is an award winning software ICCS, seamlessly merges radio dispatch, telephone call handling, contact management, access control and video monitoring into a single user friendly interface.

    Clever 3rd party integrations to other systems such as Sopra Steria’s STORM Command & Control (C&C) system ensure operators in over 70 global mission critical contact centres serviced by APD, can focus on dealing with incidents rather than technology.

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  • TETRA Radio Integration

    APD are at the forefront of integration with new TETRA and future Public Safety LTE infrastructures and features. Deployed solutions directly connect via Dispatcher level interfaces to Motorola and Cassidian (EADS) TETRA networks. Additionally, various options exist for connection via Fixed Mobile Radio terminals to any TETRA network and PMR radio system.

  • Telephony Integration

    CORTEX is compatible with a wide range of telephone systems and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solutions. The ICCS also supports TDM, IP and softphones and interfaces with leading Intercom and Public Address (PA) systems used in Airports, Road and Rail communications.

  • Command & Control

    Efficiency is enhanced by allowing operators to send and receive SDS/Status messages over TETRA and initiate telephone and TETRA calls from within the Command & Control (C&C) application.

  • Access Control & CCTV

    The CORTEX user interface provides access and control to live video feeds – it can be configured to automatically screenpop a specific feed associated with an input, such as door entry buttons or telephone lines. The CCTV images can be paused, zoomed and saved for further review.

    Operators have the ability to activate associated outputs, such as raising barriers or unlocking doors through simple touchscreen buttons.

  • Benefits

    Proven Integration

    CORTEX is all about integration. Access to different communications systems are seamlessly merged into one user friendly portal. CORTEX has developed alongside our growing customer base – providing out-the-box integrations with numerous systems from a variety of providers. If we don’t already have an interface, our specialist software engineers can develop one – it’s what we do.

  • Flexible & Intuitive User Interface

    The User Interface has been designed by users, for users – supporting large desktop screens and handheld tablets and options for both touch and keyboard/mouse control.

  • Simple Yet Feature-Rich

    Integration to different systems is part of what a good ICCS does; what turns CORTEX from a good ICCS into a market leading ICCS are the features of the ICCS itself and the effortless interaction users have with the technology.

  • Software App Flexibility

    CORTEX is simply a software app, running on customers’ existing PCs and servers, physical or virtual. Our unique software based peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture offers significant benefits over traditional centralised hub-and-spoke, switch based architectures at the core of most other ICCS in the market.

  • Cost Effective

    As well as significant up front cost savings, CORTEX presents substantial in-life cost savings compared to other solutions. With hardware costs minimalised and software installed on existing PCs alongside other applications (e.g. C&C), servers can be virtualised and hosted.

  • Unparalleled Resilience

    Whether CORTEX is used by a national Police Force, major Airport/Airline, a Fire & Rescue Service or a city Metro; our customers share the fact their business is Mission Critical. System downtime impacts on operations, costs money and potentially lives – something we take seriously, and that’s why CORTEX is market leading in terms of reliability and resilience.


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