Artemis Shielding

Non-Lead X-Ray Security Curtains for Airports

Artemis Shielding has a patented non-toxic, lead free, recyclable, and precision fit security curtain x-ray line. Artemis Shielding’s patented material is ASTM and IEC certified. Currently Artemis Shielding is also pending Green Seal Certification and can supply Non-Lead X-Ray Security Curtains for Airports.

Artemis Shielding prides itself on not only protecting people from the toxic exposure to lead but, the environment. Our goal is to remove lead and the hazards associated with it by providing a lighter, cheaper, and safer alternative to lead.

In most cases we can not only compete with the current cost of lead but, achieve a lower price point.

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Company Profile

  • Non-Toxic Lead-Free X-Ray Curtain Applications

    Artemis Shielding’s engineered products are specifically formulated and manufactured to meet the functional needs of a range of end uses including industrial, medical, nuclear, product testing, and experimental facilities.

    Key benefits include:

    • Lead-free
    • OSHA, Cal. Prop. 65, and ROHS-compliant
    • Meet or exceed accepted industry attenuation standards (i.e., ASTM, ISO, ANSI)
    • Green Certification pending
    • In process of obtaining LEED credit
    • Highly efficient — 2.5x lead
    • Lightweight — 60% lighter than lead
    • Reduced Space — 50% less than lead
    • Recyclable
    • Installation friendly
    • Reduced transportation costs
    • Zero x-ray and/or gamma ray permanent absorption
    • Reusable
    • Adaptable to proven energy efficient large scale automated manufacturing processes
    • Made in the U.S.
    • Protected technology
    • Continued improvements with fine tuning underway
  • Non-Toxic Lead-Free Mobile Barriers

    Protect your people and stay ahead of the competition

    Our revolutionary, U.S.-made Green-Certified material helps our clients reduce transportation and labor costs, stay ahead of their competition, and better the environment. The lead-free sheeting is completely non-toxic therefore frees companies from concern of potential radiation and lead exposure to their employees.

    The innovative technology used to create our patented lead-free material eliminates the need for special crews or equipment for safe handling, and there are no additional remediation costs associated with remolding facilities using our products. Additional advantages over traditional lead sheets include flexibility, toughness and adhesive backing for easy installation that ensures guaranteed corner shielding and secure overlaps.

    Safer – Protect your clients and employees by removing the known toxic hazards of lead.

    Lighter – Save on transportation and installation costs with materials that are 60% lighter than lead and occupy less space.

    Precision Fit – Customize your order to your exact needs and specifications with installation-friendly materials.

    Green-Certified – Stay ahead of your competition and simultaneously protect the environment with regulatory-certified installations.


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