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ATC Voice Recording Solutions For Critical Communications in the ATM Sector

Assmann Telecom has provided for over 20 years reliable voice recording solutions especially for critical communications such as the ATC/ATM sector. Our products are known all over the world for its high quality and its sustainability. All types of lines can be recorded: analog, digital, VoiP, analog Radio, RoiP, ED137, P25, NXDN, Tetra …

Assmann Flex Recorder is a modern and flexible voice recorder able to adapt to any requirement and complies to the highest standards and regulations of the ATC/ATM industry.

Assmann Telecom is an innovative voice recorders supplier that has managed to adapt through the years its solutions to critical communications’ evolution.

  • Over 20 years of experience in recording solutions worldwide
  • Historical specialty :
    The digital recorder for audio communications transmitted by telephone, radio or IP
  • French company whose products are entirely made in Paris
  • A portfolio of more than 2000 clients
  • After sales support

Our Vision

Historical company of communication recorders manufacturing

Assmann Telecom provides innovation:

  • through the use of state-of-the-art technology
  • thanks to its highly qualified personnel
  • thanks to a reactive and experienced maintenance service
  • in harmony with the environment.

Company Profile

  • Assmann Flex Recorder

    Assmann Flex Voice Recorder is a multi-channels recorder for voice and data. Thanks to its open architecture and its multiples possibilities of adjustment and configuration, it can be connected to all PBX.

    Assmann Flex recorder for ATC is a modern and flexible safety-critical communications recording solution that allows custom configuration according to demand. It can record all types of lines: analogique, digital, VoiP, Radio, RoiP, ED137, P25, NXDN …

    Assmann Telecom ATC recording solutions are totally scalable thanks to its multiple features such as:

    • Complete server unit up to 512 channel/UC
    • Virtualisation up to 512 channels/UC
    • Archiving on HDD NAS, RDX and old DVD-RAM, Blu-Ray
    • Multi criteria of research
    • Open licence for all channels
    • API open and free for integration
    • 10 years of sustainability guaranteed and upwards compatibility
  • Assmann Telecom Mix - Analog/Digital/ED137/P25/TETRA/VoiP/RoiP/DMR/NXDN

    Assmann Telecom multi-channel Voice recorder enables a mix of all types of channels: analogique, digital, VoiP, RoiP …

    Assmann Telecom ATC recording system is compatible with all types of protocols: ED137, P25, DMR, NXDN, TETRA …

  • Assmann Flex Recorder Instant Replay, Redundancy and Tamper-Proof

    Assmann Telecom ATC voice recording systems enable an instant replay of the recordings by LAN and WebAccess interface to listen immediately and remotely to interactions.

    Assmann Telecom ATC Voice recorders can be equipped with a redundant power supply enabling an external archiving (HDD NAS, RDX …) to ensure a double availability of the recordings in case of failure.

    Thanks to its tamper-proofing feature, Assmann Flex recordings can be used in case of disagreements as Assmann Telecom is totally independent and thus represents a third-party.

  • Assmann Telecom sustainability, upward compatibility and maintenance

    Assmann Telecom guarantees a sustainability superior to 10 years.

    Besides, thanks to its upward compatibility, Assmann Telecom Flex Recorder can be updated to the new technologies in critical communications sector through its lifetime.

    Thanks to a reactive and experienced maintenance staff, Assmann Telecom provides a remarkable after sales support, ensuring a trustful relationship with customers.


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