Airport Operational Support, Management, Consultancy & Training

ATCANZ provides a full range of airport support and management services. This includes consultancy and training in specific airport management and operational functions such as:

  • Airports Operations training, National Diploma and National Certificate Airport Ops programme (NZQA)
  • Airports Operations assessment service, National Diploma and National Certificate Airport Ops (ATTTO)
  • Airport Operations consultancy and project management.
  • Strategic planning and airport development.
  • CAA Part 139 compliance and advisory service.
  • Communications systems
  • Apron management and ground vehicle control
  • Safety and quality systems development
  • Security operations
  • Airport management
  • General airport bits and bobs
  • Rescue fire services including marine rescue and hot fire training
  • Airfield safety inspection and maintenance
  • User negotiation
  • Emergency planning and control
  • Marketing

ATCANZ offers ICAO Training Courses Including:

  • AIS Officer
  • Basic Air Traffic Services
  • ATC Licence and Aerodrome Control
  • Approach Control – Non-Radar (Procedural)
  • Approach/Area Radar
  • Area Control – Non-Radar (Procedural)
  • Aviation English for Air Traffic Controllers
  • Instructional Techniques – Basic
  • Instructional Techniques – Advanced
  • Introduction to Digital Cartography
  • Digital Visual Navigation Chart (VNC) Production
  • Flight Information Service
  • Search and Rescue (SAR) Course
  • Airspace Planning and Design

Company Profile

  • Air Navigation and Air Traffic Services

    ATCANZ offers specialist knowledge and experience in air traffic support (ATS) operations and management, and can also provide ATS support services including:

      • Strategic human resources planning and management
      • Pans ops procedure design and review
      • Air traffic controller computerised recruitment selection
      • Air Traffic (ATS) Support Services.
      • Air Traffic Control infrastructure design and implementation.
      • Integration of new technologies into training and licensing systems.
      • ATS Operational assessment systems.
      • CNSATM system design and implementation.
      • Airspace design.

  • Operational Development, Management and Consultancy

    ATCANZ provides comprehensive operational development, management or selected task related consultancy, as required including:

      • Concept design, development and delivery of information systems.
      • Project management and project support services.
      • Development of operational and non operational document systems including computer based document control systems.
      • Safety and quality assurance auditing.
      • Aeronautical Studies.
      • Quality Assurance certification.
      • Occupational health and safety system:
        • Development
        • Implementation
        • Support and Training
      • Training Needs analysis.
      • CNSATM Planning.
      • ATS Simulation Procurement including:
        • Specification requirements
        • Functionality requirements
        • Delivery and installation
        • Training cost benefit analysis
        • Tender preparation
        • Tender review
    • Civil aviation institutional strengthening and reform consultancy.
    • Financial advice in civil aviation infrastructure, procurement and provision.
    • Aviation security
      • Consultancy
      • Planning
      • Quality assurance
      • Training
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC) Training

    ATCANZ offers specialist knowledge and experience in Air Traffic Control training, selection and examining, including:

    • ICAO based ATC/ATS training courses.
    • Revalidation training and upgrade training for new equipment, procedures and systems.
    • Training system design, development and implementation.
    • ATC/ATS ICAO based courseware.
    • ATC/ATS examining services.
    • ATS CBT courseware packages design and production.
    • Training for trainers – ATC, airport bits and bobs and aviation instructor training.
    • ATC simulation training.
    • ICAO aviation English.
  • ATS Simulation Procurement Services

    We provide a range of ATS simulation procurement services, including specification requirements, functionality requirements, tender preparation, tender review, delivery and installation, and training cost-benefit analysis.

    Aviation Security Services

    Our aviation security services include consultancy, planning, quality assurance and training.


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