Used & Overhauled GSE - Catering Highloader / PRM Lift / MockUp Trainer / Apron Bus

ATLAS AVIA is a specialist in Ground Support Equipment. For more than 25 years we have been selling all kinds of used & overhauled GSE to airports and ground handling companies around the world.

The main activity is trading with overhauled pre-owned Ground Support Equipment, Catering Highloader, PRM Lift and MockUp trainer. All equipment and devices on offer are technically checked by our engineers, and ready for use at the airport. All our equipment is available to buy, or with the option to rent for short and long periods.

We offer a full range of used and refurbished ground support equipment, catering highloaders and prm lifts at our Facilities near to Frankfurt Airport. If required we can arrange the land, air, or sea transport of the ordered equipment to every country in the world.

We are also in the position to offer refurbishment and sale on order.

Contact ATLAS AVIA with your equipment request! WE SELL / RENT / LEASE / BUY ground support equipment.

Besides this we are offering mock-up systems for ground handling training, with this there is no need to train at live airplanes.

Company Profile

  • Ground Support Equipment

    We offer a wide range of GSE. The right equipment for every task:

    • Apron Bus
    • Air Starter Unit
    • Belt Loader
    • Cargo Loader
    • Container Transporter
    • De Icing Truck
    • Passenger Stairs, etc.
  • Catering Highloader

    We provide airline catering highloaders, for every type of aircraft. Full/Half size cabin Catering Trucks for sale or for rent short as well as long term.

  • PRM Lifts

    We supply a wide range of preowned Ambu/PRM Lifts for the operations of airports and ground handling companies.

  • MockUp Trainer

    ATLAS AVIA MockUp Trainer makes your employees fit for the operation. Ground Handling training under real conditions for safe and efficient operation.


ATLAS Technical Equipment + Consulting GmbH
Nordendstr. 82-84
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf
  • +49 (0) 6105 6766
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