Automated Retail Concepts BV

Airport Vending Kiosks Stand-alone/Multiple Units

Automated Retail Concepts, based in The Netherlands, designs, develops and produces high tech vending kiosks, either stand-alone units or multiple units (The Shopping Wall) to be placed at gates, waiting areas, business lounges, departure and arrival shopping centers. 24/7 retail, 365 days per year.

No staff costs, no shrinkage… Highest turnover per square meter in the industry at the lowest costs. Meets all international airport fire and safety regulations (class A1). 27/4 access through secured internet connection.

Company Profile

  • Airport Vending Kiosks Stand-alone/Multiple Units

    hollandsnieuw/Vodafone kiosk at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

     The Shopping Wall multibrand

     Shop & Collect (on return)

     AKG Head phones (Schiphol Amsterdam Airport)


Automated Retail Concepts BV
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