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Aviation Analytics provides software and services that help airports bring together their data assets so they can be viewed by airport management in a complete and coordinated way. With over 30 years of aviation experience, Aviation Analytics is quickly earning a reputation of delivering world class airport reporting and analysis at twice the speed and half the cost of competing solutions. The QlikView “Business Discovery” platform allows instant, in memory, manipulation of big data on low cost hardware, allowing affordable widespread deployment of sophisticated airport analytic applications.

Aviation Analytics are staffed by aviation industry experts with generic skills including business process engineering, sales and marketing and accountancy. We serve airport clients large and small from around the globe and are particularly effective where “Silo” systems have been allowed to develop or where data warehouse projects are present but failing to deliver business users with actionable intelligence.

To complement our information engineering skills we provide aviation datasets useful to airline relations and development teams.  We offer Traffic, Airline Schedules, Fares, Surveys, Route Profitability and more and, because we are “Data Agnostic”, you can be sure to receive only the data you need and not what individual data vendors want to sell.


QlikView’s patented, in-memory technology rapidly combines data from any source. Using SAP, Salesforce or other enterprise applications? Got data in Excel, XML, or CSV formats? Have data stored in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or MySQL? Using a data warehouse? No problem. QlikView’s got you covered.

Search Associatively

QlikView’s associative search is what’s next. It provides a familiar search experience to deliver fast business answers. Go ahead and enter your search terms. Similar to Google’s Instant Search, QlikView’s associative search provides instant results as you type. Its intuitive interface highlights important relationships in your data. QlikView extends associative search into every list box across every dashboard, enabling users to search indirectly and quickly find detailed answers to critical questions.


Here’s the fun part. In just seconds, take your data and see it any way you want. Put it in sexy charts, tables, graphs — every kind imaginable. Make them 2-D or 3-D. Zoom in. Zoom out. Click anywhere for more detail. Remix and reassemble data in new views and create new visualizations for deeper understanding. With QlikView, you’ll see your data in a whole new light.

Company Profile

  • Airport Reporting and Analysis Software

    Access your analytics through the most popular mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. Get unprecedented freedom from the desktop with dynamic, interactive data analysis when and where you need it. Get complete data selection, associative search, GPS-sensitive filtering, and advanced visualization

    Aviation Analytics – QlikView Modules

    QlikView modules already developed and in use amongst the world’s leading airports include:-

  • Traffic Analytics (bookings and ticket data)

    Global passenger traffic data can provide the aviation analyst with the demand perspective on a true flight line O&D basis. Aviation Analytics can supply and adjust or calibrate traffic bookings data, which will include total passengers by full itinerary, class of service, average fare, airline, point of sale country and airport of origin. Data can be sourced with up to three years history as well as the forward booking profile as required.

    To analyse seasonality, we offer monthly time series formats but can also provide a consolidated full year view. Primary research and access to complimentary databases together with years of experience working with adjusted bookings data, mean that you are in safe hands with what is a relatively expensive data source.

    Aviation Analytics know that the value of bookings data is in the calibration or adjustment that brings it up to a full market estimate. Our analysts will work closely with you to exchange all available information to make sure your investment in bookings data represents the best calibration possible thereby offering true value for money.

  • Fare Analytics

    To date, gathering fares information for analytical purposes has been difficult and hazardous, demanding considerable resources to check newspapers, ATPCO and/or CRS queries or even searching the Internet manually.

    Not anymore.

    Aviation Analytics is pleased to introduce “Fare Analytics”, a custom service where you tell us which routes you would like to monitor and we collect and compile the data for you.

    To analyse seasonality, we offer daily time series formats down to individual flight numbers and provide an average fare based on observations made at various stages before departure.

  • Survey Analytics - ASQ

    Aviation organisations around the world rely heavily on survey data either commissioned privately or conducted by civil aviation authorities. Market research studies are key to bridging the gap between the marketplace and companies products and services. One of the key challenges is to unlock the value of the information they provide given that the underlying data is most often delivered as a CSV or flat file. Without database skills, such as MS Access, investment in the data is lost, trapped on a hard disc or CD that no one can access or use.

    We can help.

    QlikView is the ideal application with which to view and create reports for all types of survey data including ASQ. Importing is a breeze and non technical staff can quickly gain the in-depth information they need easily and without any user training. Once in QlikView, the data can be joined to other sources such as MIDT, Schedules, and Fares etc to facilitate a more co-ordinated approach to market analysis.

    Route Profitability

    Airports need to get closer to their client airlines not least to better understand the value they offer – a prerequisite for any successful business relationship. Currently, airports only count the number of passengers they board but, as we know, flights can operate with seemingly good load factors but still lose money if the yield is too low.

    With the recent advent of accurate fare data Network Analytics can now bridge the data gap and give airport management a complete perspective on the commercial performance of its network.

    Using Network Analytics an Airport can:

    • Understand the profitability of all of its routes
    • Receive advanced warning of problems
    • Target star performers for increased frequency
    • Negotiate airport charges with confidence


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