Aviatop / Ekotekhnokhim LLC

Refinery and Wholesaler of Aviatop Avgas Grades 100LL and UL91

Avgas is the most common fuel for piston aircrafts. Aviatop is a direct wholesaler of Avgas 100LL and UL91 with a track record of 10 years. Ekotekhnokhim is our petrochemical refinery, based in Leningradsky region. We are an ex pilot- owned, ISO 9001 certified company and leading sponsors of the National Aerobatic Team of Russian Federation. We always welcome new connections in the General Aviation scene, especially who fly on piston engine.

Our 20 hectares production area includes:

  • A hydrocarbon refinery
  • Compounding unit
  • 10,000m3 storage park
  • Raw petroleum storage
  • Fuel examination lab
  • Loading and discharge rack with 12 tank cars capacity

In Aviatop, we are not indifferent to the combustibles impact on the environment. Thus, we were the first Russian company to release Avgas UL91. This grade is totally free from tetraethyl lead, which means that harmful emissions are reduced to a minimum.

Both 100LL and UL91 Avgas grades meet the technical regulations of the Customs Union N826, ASTM D910 and Russian National standard requirements.

Aviatop Aviation gasoline is easy to deliver to any destination via St. Petersburg Port, Russia in ISO Tank containers or/and steel drums. We hold REACH certification which simplifies EU import tax procedure. Please enquire our friendly staff for your local Aviatop distributor.


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Aviation Gasoline UL (unleaded) 91

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