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Intelligent Artificial Voice Systems

AviaVox is a leading provider of Intelligent Artificial Voice Systems for Airports and Airlines. The company has developed software with which high quality synthetic voices can be generated in a multitude of languages. The AviaVox systems contribute to the daily operations of both Airports and Airlines as they integrate with other operational systems. AviaVox is based in the Netherlands.

We persist in our commitment to implement cutting-edge technological innovations. Our goal is to achieve uncompromising products of the highest quality that assist in increasing the announcement-intelligibility at airports and airlines.

The unique phoneme-technology enables a remarkably high level of guaranteed natural speech in many languages. The quality is unique in the world and is not to be distinguished from a human voice. The AviaVox system significantly improves the communication between the airport and its passengers. Once, the Airline-Gate-Client has been chosen the efficiency during the boarding process of airlines increases significantly. Its effectiveness supports “a silent airport policy”, creating a less hectic, more professional environment.

The first professional installation was set up in 1998 and throughout the years, AviaVox has built a rich knowledge of Airport and Airline announcements thus meeting the high demanding international requirements. AviaVox systems can be found everywhere in the world, such as: London Heathrow, New Delhi, Moscow, Cairo, Doha Qatar, Bristol and many others.

With the current state-of-the-art technology, AviaVox is uniquely positioned to become the main provider for artificial voice systems for airports and airlines all over the world.

Company Profile

  • Generic Announcement System

    Usually, one will find the following components at an Airport:

    • Airport Operational Data Base  (AODB);
    • Flight Information (Display) System (FI(D)S);
    • Interface Broker, as an alternative to the two above;
    • Public Address System (PAS);
    • Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX / PBX);
    • Local Area Network (LAN);
    • Internet access.

    The AviaVox System offers an Airport an integrated solution by using all those existing resources, thus reducing the need for additional investments. On one hand the AviaVox System can be considered as a microphone input to the PA system and on the other hand it integrates with several of the above mentioned resources to gather its information to drive the system.

    The system works as follows: every time there is a status change of an individual flight, the AviaVox System receives a data dump of flight related information from the AODB (or Interface Broker). This information usually is transported as an ASCII string or XML file over a TCP/IP connection through the Local Area Network.

    By mirroring this information over the previous frames the AviaVox System can identify the applicable changes. Such a change, an event, can result into an announcement. However, this is defined in the parameter settings of the AviaVox System that reflect the Airport announcement policies.


  • Airline-Gate-Client

    The Airline-Gate-Client is a very strong software-tool. It supports the local announcements in the restricted area of the boarding gate, used by Airlines and handling agencies to support their boarding procedures. The software supports a huge amount of tailor-made boarding announcements for airlines, currently in the order of 0.8 trillion ( 0.8 * 1012 ) combinations.

    Located on the (CUTE/MUSE/CUSE) gate pc’s, the Airline-Gate-Client links to the airport’s AODB/FIDS (Airport Operational Database/Flight Information Display System) and is fed the flight information for that gate. When an airline opens the application (figure 7.4) the software automatically will detect all the essential information of the departing aircraft at that specific gate. In other words it will know the airline, the destination, the aircraft type and the specific boarding procedures belonging to that information for the specific aircraft type. The supported text in the editor screens dynamically will be adopted accordingly. An airline can choose default announcements for the aircraft or set up their own specific announcements.

    Because most data is known by the Airline-Gate-Client software, this information is already filled in the editor screen. This increases the user friendliness of the application because an announcement can be initiated by one simple click of the mouse.


  • AVIS (AviaVox Information System)

    The AviaVox Information System is an option to the generic system and is a combination of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) combined with the ability to remotely obtain actual real-time flight information. Persons that want to obtain information of the Airport or flights can dial in to the AVIS system by landline or their mobiles.

    Information can be provided in two ways:

    1.    Static

    • Flight related; small airports
    • Airport related

    2.    Dynamic

    • Flight related; larger airports
    • Airport related

    In case of the static method, information is typically provided in (tree) format whereby the required information can be obtained by answering a limited number of basic questions from the AVIS system. Gradually the software will guide the user to a point where the information can be listened to. The interaction between the user and the software is done by the push buttons of the telephone.

    In case of the dynamic method it is somewhat more complex. A user that dials into the system, e.g. a 0900-nr, can obtain information from the system by feeding the system with essential flight information such as a flight number. The system than will search the required information in the data hold in the generic system and as this data reflects the actual information coming from the AODB, the real-time and latest flight information is provided to the listener.

    Zone Visualizer

    The Zone Visualizer is an option that enables operators to see and listen to announcements that are made by the automatic announcement system in a specific PA-zone of the airport either initiated by the generic system or the Airline-Gate-Client. By selecting a zone on an airport map, the live announcements can be read on screen and listened to.



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