Developing & Operating the Norwegian Airport Network

Avinor Air Navigation Services AS provides aerodrome control and approach control services at airports, air traffic services in Norwegian airspace and maintenance and operation of the technical infrastructure for air navigation.

Avinor is a wholly-owned state limited company under the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications and is responsible for 46 state-owned airports, with more than a thousand employees and a turnover of around NOK 2 billion. Twelve of the airports are operated in cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces.

In addition to the airports, Avinor operates control towers, control centres and other technical infrastructure for safe air navigation.

The air navigation services is organised as subsidiary wholly-owned by Avinor. Avinor’s headquarters are based in Oslo, Norway.

Avinor is self-financed. Airport operations are managed as a single unit, in which financially profitable airports finance the financially unprofitable airports.

The primary sources of income are fees collected from airline passengers, as well as commercial revenue from, rental of space to tax-free shops, cafés and restaurants, and other services for passengers. Avinor also receives addional income from airport hotels and airport parking facilities.

Our main customers are Norwegian and international airlines, the military and the airports for which we provide approach control.

Company Profile

  • En-Route Services

    Avinor is committed to delivering a safe and efficient service to our customers, at the best possible price.

    The service Avinor supplies is very competitive with our neighbouring countries.Simply stated, the unit rate, which is used to calculate the charges that airlines pay, is a result of the cost level for the en-route service divided by the number of flights.

    Norway has seen a significant growth in en-route traffic over the recent years, with no corresponding increase in costs. This keeps prices, which are regulated by the EU, at a low level.

    Significant international cooperation

    Cross-border cooperation is important  in order to provide the best possible service to the airlines. Avinor works closely with several air navigation service providers, and is part of the NEFAB cooperation that has established a common airspace block for Norway, Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

  • System Operations

    Services are provided to 52 airports in Norway. Other customers include the military, oil companies and other air navigation service providers in the Nordic countries.

    We offer the following system operations services:

    • Air Traffic Management (ATS) systems
    • Communication (COM) Systems
    • Navigation (NAV) Systems
    • Surveillance (SUR) Systems
    • Aeronautical Information Services Systems (AIS system)
    • Meteorological (MET) Systems
    • Infrastructure and support systems
    • Flight calibration services (through subcontractors)
    • Operation of ICT/airport systems
  • Consultancy Services

    Avinor Air Navigation Services offers consulting and advisory services to several customer groups.

    We have experience in large and complex airspace changes, major construction projects at airports, replacement or deployment of new systems and implementation of training programmes, and safety evaluations associated with such projects.

    Consultancy services can be delivered as individual assignments where appropriate, or the services can be provided to the customer as a comprehensive project solution where Avinor Air Navigation Services takes responsibility for the integrity of the delivery and manages the project from inception to operation.

  • Tower Services

    Avinor Air Navigation Services provides air traffic control service, flight information service and alerting service at 20 control towers. Our customers are Avinor’s own airports, the military and private airports.

    The control towers are responsible for managing air traffic at and in the vicinity of the airports, and for ensuring a safe and efficient traffic management.

    The tower and approach control units handle 750,000 to 800,000 movements per year.

  • Remote Towers

    We are developing the next generation of tower services. Remote towers make it possible to deliver local air traffic services to several airports from one location.

    This will enable one person to handle multiple airports simultaneously. This will lead to a reduction in the operating cost as well asavoiding significant future investments in towers and equipment at each airport. The potential for better and more efficient operations is substantial.

    A prerequisite for the introduction of remote services is that the solution will be proven to be as safe as, or even safer, than the current system.


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