Air Traffic Surveillance and Analysis Solutions

AVIONIX is a provider of air traffic surveillance and analysis solutions. User friendly and reliable systems combined with a high degree of customer orientation form the basis of our business. Close cooperation with Universities allow the development of innovative and cost-effective next-generation solutions based on innovations and the newest technologies.

Software Development

Our main motivation is to provide adaptable, user-friendly and cost-efficient solutions in the aviation area.

  • Web and Application Development
  • Software Quality and System Testing

Consulting, Project Management and Networking

The experience of our team gained during years of practical involvement in Airport and ATC projects is used to identify and satisfy customer needs with a focus on efficiency, safety and reliability.

  • Support in specific areas: A-CDM, A-SMGCS, Airport Planning, AOCC etc.
  • Support for Project, Offer and Tender Management
  • Documentation and Reviews
  • Training
  • Site Acceptance Tests

Hardware Development, Installation and Maintenance

Our systems and our software solutions are complemented by suitable equipment and the necessary hardware. We care about installing, launching and maintaining all components.

  • Development of receivers (e.g. ADS-B, GPS) and other technical components
  • (Preventive) IT-Maintenance (2nd and/or 3rd level)
  • Worldwide provision of equipment and introduction of IT-systems
  • After-sale care and change request management

AVIONIX was founded by computer scientists and aerospace engineers. Their experience of more than 15 years in the air traffic control and airport industry leads to the fact that AVIONIX has acquired a deep understanding and knowledge in the software development of reliable and security relevant systems. Accordingly, our enterprise is focused on adaptable, complex, user-friendly and reasonable information systems in the aviation area.

Company Profile

  • tdm – traffic data monitor

    tdm offers real-time monitoring, statistical analyses and prognoses of traffic data and process times. Results are displayed in easy comprehensible charts and tables, visualized in configurable maps, and supported by standard and user-tailored reports.

    Main tdm features:

    • oCentral information portal for airport operations, planning, marketing, management etc.
    • oCommon, complete and consistent view on all available data
    • SWIM enabled
    • Comprehensible presentation of passenger, traffic, and luggage data
    • Provides an airport-wide agreed data standard
    • Fast access to often required information for all stakeholders and indirect partners including ANSP, airlines, shop operators etc.
    • Quick analyses of complex processes and critical situations to support decision making
    • Actual information of regional weather and landside traffic
    • Comfortable user interface integrated in your preferred browser

    tdm is based on an adjustable modular structure and designed to ensure flexibility and extensibility. The system is easily adaptable for future developments and standardizations. For example, although the “Air to Air” function is based on the EUROCONTROL CDM Milestone approach, flight rotations are displayed with all relevant process times and additional information, the model can be adjusted to customer needs.

  • tss – traffic surveillance system

    tss is a fully-featured, cost-effective ADS-B and multilateration surveillance system. It consists of a set of geographically distributed MLAT ground stations and a central server. The solution provides excellent surveillance accuracy, update rates and identification information at a low cost. The ground station can be used standalone connected to a display or as part of a multilateration system connected to a central processing server enabling monitoring of non-ADS-B equipped traffic. The high connectivity and the small size offers an easy installation anywhere.

    tss features:

    • Provides a surveillance coverage
    • Scalable from a single sensor system to a multi-sensor distributed MLAT system
    • Facilitates easy data exchange with other systems (ASTERIX formats)
    • Advanced decoding techniques, high-precision timestamping
    • High dynamic receiver allows monitoring of en-route, terminal area and surface traffic at the same time
    • Compact and high reliability (i.e. no moving parts)
    • Compliant to EUROCAE and RTCA standards

    The ADS-B/MLAT sensors are developed on state-of-the-art technology and provide a very high sensitivity, dynamic range and timing precision. The hardware is available as standalone ADS-B desktop receivers, ED-109 compliant ADS-B ground stations to fully integrated wide area or ground multilateration systems.

  • tsd – traffic surveillance display

    tsd is a traffic situation display that provides a map of an airport and the TMA including all necessary information. In an additional background layer a geographical or satellite map of the area can be placed and its visibility can be seamlessly controlled by a brightness value. Targets are displayed with symbols indicating the type of target together with information about the target in configurable text form. Direct connection to ASTERIX and raw ADS-B data sources are available.

    In addition to the 2D display, a 3D view is featured to show the current traffic situation without any degradation in function or performance. Up to 600 moving targets are supported on current standard PC hardware.

    AVIONIX tsd is highly configurable and expandable and allows the integration of additional static and dynamic data arranged in layers. Examples are gate occupancy states, weather information, NAVAIDS status or airfield lighting information. Recording and playback functions are available.

  • tda – track data analysis

    The track data analysis module allows to calculate airport performance parameters like runway occupancy time, traffic throughput, taxi times, holding/queuing times etc. from the tracking data. The utilization of airport resources like number of movements on runways, taxiways, intersections, de-icing pads are determined as well as operational traffic parameters like speed profiles, pushback/start-up times and take-off/landing separation.

    Arrival and departure patterns can be displayed; noise problems can be analysed. The result of the statistical analysis serves as an input to the air2air process. The results can be presented in tables and charts and can be graphically embedded into the situation display.

    The generated output data can be used for billing purposes as well.

    The interface for this statistical analyser on ground movements is also available for additional open data formats (e.g. ASTERIX).

    The module allows analysis of historical track data including multiple playback options in real-time or high speed.


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