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Leading Manufacturer of Ground Support Equipment, Specialising in Fully Portable Ramps and Bridges

Aviramp is a leading manufacturer of ground support equipment, specialising in fully portable ramps and bridges, which have truly revolutionised aviation ground handling, and given the amount now operational globally, this innovative suite comprising the Lite, Domestic, Regional, Continental, International and the Mobiloader, this innovative product range is fast becoming the industry standard in replacing steps and reducing the need for huge investment in ambulift. Aviramp provides real time solutions, and delivers huge benefits to all stakeholders: airports, airlines, ground handlers, PRM providers, and passengers by improving safety, driving operational and turnaround efficiencies, offering huge cost savings and creating a streamlined step free experience for all passengers, including PRMs.

What is more we manufacture all our products in house, maintaining best practice work ethics, health and safety procedures and ensuring the best quality control procedures.

The business is independently owned by entrepreneur manufacturer Graham Corfield, the company’s CEO, and we have a strong team of 40 underpinning the business, made up of both office and skilled factory workers, alongside 8 consultants with expertise in key areas and the aviation field. You can learn more about our background, expertise, products and their benefits along with case studies and testimonials on our website www.aviramp.com

Although the Aviramp brand and product range are well established given the breadth in use here in the UK and overseas, we have very much set a precedent and given we own the patent, our products are very much unique in terms of their innovation and simplicity in design and construction. We are a world leader in the manufacture of portable ramps and bridges.

Company Profile

  • The Aviramp LITE, Mobile Boarding Ramp

    The Aviramp Lite is a simply constructed portable boarding ramp, which eliminates the need for steps and reduces ambulift deployment, which results in huge cost savings. The model is designed for front and rear doors on aircraft such as the DASH, ATR and SAAB models (A320, ATR42, Bombardier Q200/300/400, Fokker 50). Designed to optimise passenger safety, improve passenger flows and deliver OTP targets, the Lite offers an all inclusive boarding and deplaning experience, including all PRMs. It comes in two versions: manual and solar powered. Both have the same footprint, size and functionality with gas strut assisted folding ramp and manually operated hydraulic legs. . Virtually maintenance free and complete with non slip flooring.

  • Aviramp Domestic, Mobile Boarding Bridge

    The Aviramp Domestic is a portable boarding bridge, designed for use on small narrow-bodied aircraft such as the Q200 through to the BAE146. It offers one point of access for all passengers, including the PRM, thus driving turnaround efficiencies; ambulift reduction and introducing dramatic cost savings.

    The Domestic has two versions: motorised and solar powered. Both have the same footprint, size and functionality. Easily towable, the Domestic only has two turns, and is the only product in the suite where the fold down ramp protrudes from the rear, rather than the side. The usual patented angled slopes (7.5-8 degrees) are still incorporated on this model, along with the standardised anti slip flooring.

  • The Aviramp Regional, Mobile Boarding Bridge

    The Aviramp Regional Mobile Boarding Bridge has the patented 360-degree switch back design, with the standard 7.5-8 degree angled slopes and standardised anti slip flooring. Used on small to medium sized regional jets such as the CRJ1000 up to the Boeing 737, the Regional offers one point of access to all passengers including a step-free experience for the PRM.

  • The Aviramp Continental, Mobile Boarding Bridge

    The Aviramp Continental is fully motorised mobile boarding bridge, designed for use on medium narrow-bodied aircraft. It offers one point of access for all passengers including the PRM. It is a highly versatile patented boarding bridge with its signature 360-degree design, and its 7.5/8 degree gradient slopes and standardised anti slip flooring. It comes in two bespoke versions.

    The Standard Continental services aircraft ranging from the BAE146 up to the A320 network. The 757 Continental is designed for use on the MD80 series through to the Boeing 757. Both versions share the same footprint, although the 757 has a slightly steeper angle.

  • The Aviramp International, Mobile Boarding Bridge

    The Aviramp International is a fully motorised mobile boarding bridge, which is similar to fixed terminal jet bridge, but fully portable. This product has delivered ‘a world first’ in that it services wide-bodied aircraft, including A380 lower deck down to A320, along with B787/777/757 and A350/340/330, so it is a very versatile product. Controlled remotely, the operator can be positioned on the ground or on the docking platform, whilst manoeuvring the unit to and from the aircraft. Patented 360-degree design, 7.5-8 gradient slopes and anti slip flooring. Drives turnaround efficiencies, reduces costs and improves safety.

  • The Mobiloader

    The Aviramp Mobiloader provides a simple and cost effective solution to the loading and unloading of heavy mobility aids, safely and efficiently. Its easy to use one man operation is seamless with its unfold gas assist ramp, servicing the smallest aircraft up to the 757 model. Towable by hand, with standard anti slip flooring, it comprises two actions: fold out bridge and fold out tailgate. With a 20 second set up and a 50 second operation, the mobiloader loads items into the hold with the aid of a solar winch system.

    Manual loading still an option without using the winch, due to patented gradual slopes. Risk free for handlers and a safer option. Compact storage with up to one tonne capacity loads. Virtually maintenance free.

Company News

Aviramp will be at inter airport Europe 2019, Munich, 8th - 11th October at Stand 364, Hall B6 & Stand E20, Outdoor Area

Aviramp is a market leading manufacturer of patented ground support equipment, specialising in fully portable ramps and bridges, which have truly revolutionised aviation ground handling. These products are fully operational worldwide, and the core suite …

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