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Thermal Imaging Cameras, PPE and consultancy for CBRN environments

Avon Protection is a world leader in Thermal Imaging Cameras, PPE and consultancy for CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear threat) environments, providing complete solutions for air, land and sea based personnel in military, law enforcement, first responder, fire-fighting and industrial sectors worldwide.

Our portfolio of innovative high-performance and timesaving Thermal Imaging Cameras, PPE and consultancy for CBRN, includes full face masks, self-contained breathing apparatus, supplied air, powered air, particulate and air-purifying respirators, escape devices, escape hoods, filters, complimentary accessories and training packages.

We manufacture and supply the world leading argus range of thermal imaging cameras for firefighters, law enforcement and industrial applications.

Our customised services include consultancy in specialist risk management and disaster recovery together with a range of tailored training packages through Avon Training and Consultancy, allowing us to deliver truly end-to-end procurement solutions to a global market.

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Company Profile

  • Avon’s World-Leading Thermal Imaging Cameras

    Thermal imaging allows users to visualise heat energy to see in total darkness, low visibility weather conditions and even through smoke. In many scenarios the technology can be lifesaving.

    Our engineers pioneered the development of handheld thermal imagers over 35 years ago and today we are one of the leading suppliers to firefighting and security organisations throughout the World.

    The Avon Protection TT-Type Imager

    Avon protection manufacture two types of thermal imaging cameras suitable for police, security and law enforcement officers – the P-Type and the TT-Type.

    The Avon Protection TT-Type thermal imaging camera is specially designed to help police, security and law enforcement officers detect the heat signatures of people and objects.

    The TT-Type can be used in conditions of zero visibility including complete darkness and smoke as the energy being sensed is heat rather than light. This allows the camera to be used in both day and night operations and for many different applications.

    The TT-Type is a robust, self-contained, and simple-to operate thermal imaging camera with integrated torchlight.

    It is lightweight and ergonomic, capable of withstanding harsh environments and contains many of the most advanced features available for any thermal imaging camera.

    The TT-Type is available with a 320 x 240 pixel Amorphous Silicon (ASi) Microbolometer Detector and a choice of lenses is available to suit the application. The camera has been designed using advanced digital imaging technology and techniques for superior performance and application specific functionality.

  • The Avon Protection P-Type Imager

    The Avon Protection P-Type thermal imager is designed for tactical surveillance. The shuttered display casts no light on the user making it suitable for covert operations.

    It can detect a person up to 1 mile away and is specially designed to help police, security and law enforcement officers detect the heat signatures of people and objects.

    The P-Type can be used in conditions of zero visibility including complete darkness and smoke.

    It is robust, self-contained and simple-to-operate with interchangeable lenses allowing the camera to be used effectively for differing operational distances. It is lightweight and ergonomic, capable of withstanding harsh environments and contains many of the most advanced features available for any thermal imaging camera.

  • Avon’s NH15 Escape Hood

    The Avon NH15™ chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) Air Purifying Escape Hood is the smallest and most compact escape hood on the market, approved to carry NIOSH and CE marking.

    Its low cost makes it ideal for police, emergency medical services and fire officers seeking immediate or emergency respiratory protection in a CBRN scenario.

    The NH15™ hood has a five year shelf life and provides a high level of respiratory, eye and face protection for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Made of clear material, the NH15™ not only protects against all airborne CBRN threats but also protects the face from liquid agent splashes.

    The clear material gives a non-threatening appearance, aids with recognition of the wearer and also allows for superior visual communication. Twin low-profile filters on a unique hinge system feature the latest filtration media which reduces breathing resistance and a front reflector makes it easier to identify colleagues in low light environments.

  • Avon’s CRS15 Crisis Response Pack

    The CRS15 pack provides respiratory and touch protection from a broad range of CBRN, TIC threats and all current riot control gases, together with products for immediate self-decontamination.

    The equipment can be tailored to individual requirements and is discreetly contained in a rucksack, allowing the user to rapidly respond to an incident or event and escape from the hazardous area.

    In addition to respiratory protection, the standard CRS15 system provides skin protection and a means of safe decontamination. Close liaison with the customer ensures the exact CRS15 pack contents are tailored to meet individual requirements.

    The CRS15 has not been developed to replace formal decontamination processes used by the first responder communities but to minimize individual risk prior to these services being available.

    The CRS15 is suitable for first responders, high net worth individuals, strategically important individuals, security teams, CP escorts / teams, non-specialist first response, media, NGOs, corporate & embassy staff.

    • Leading edge decontamination capability
    • Full respiratory protection provided utilizing the NH15
    • Full skin, hand and touch protection

    Training packages are available at an additional charge.

    The CRS 15 Contents:

    • Full respiratory and eye protection with Avon’s NH15 Escape Hood
    • Touch protection
    • Disposable coverall
    • Biological decontamination
    • Chemical/TIC decontamination
    • Rucksack
    • Instruction card
    • Disposal bags
    • Protective over boots
  • Avon Training and Consultancy

    With a reputation for continuously investing in product development and a heritage reaching back to 1885, Avon Protection is the known and trusted brand in CBRN respiratory protection products for air, land and sea operations.

    In response to the evolving worldwide threat environment, we have expanded our services to deliver customized threat focused, end-to-end (CBRN) security solutions. Underpinned by expert analysis and operational experience, our Consultancy and Training Services deliver tailored threat analysis, pre-incident planning and incident response support, right through to the restoration of business as usual


    The last decade has clearly demonstrated that the nature of threats to international security has changed significantly.

    Structural challenges, such as terrorism, cyber-attacks and nuclear proliferation have created an entirely new security environment and threatscape.

    Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) terrorism poses a clear threat to public health and safety, national security and economic and political stability on a global scale. As a result the prevention of such incidents is of the highest priority.

    Avon Protection’s Training and Consultancy services proactively manage and mitigate CBRN risks through our ‘Plan – Prepare – Respond – Recover’ framework, to ensure CBRN hazards have less of an impact on your business and your people.

    Our clients receive tailored pre-incident preparation and threat analysis, to support effective and efficient transition from incident response to business continuity, and the restoration of business as usual.

    Protecting people, assets and reputation is at the heart of our offering, minimizing the crisis period with its associated risk, uncertainty and expense.


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