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Aviation Safety Training and Security Training Services

Avsec Global Ltd is a British company that was established in 1992 to provide security design, consultancy, management and civil aviation safety, security and training services.

Our work with Regulators, Airlines and Airports and aviation entities gives us a thorough overview and understanding of the aviation industry in a diverse range of cultures and environments.

The background of the Avsec Global team begins in Security (military & police) and extends into Aviation, Management, Teaching and Training. We have the approval and certification to demonstrate that we have the credibility our clients require.

Avsec  Global Ltd are a natural choice because we are experienced in all aspects of aviation and airport security. We are UK based but travel the world to investigate operations in-flight, overseas airports, staff accommodation, cargo areas and general security.

Avsec Global Ltd look at your whole operation and revise processes to reflect practices in line with current legislation and the scale of your operation.

You can also use us as an “outsourced” supplier to cover staff shortages, we can provide consultancy, audits, interim management and interim operatives in the field, devise training and procedure manuals, review processes and provide complete training courses, all at very short notice.

Despite being highly experienced experts, we remain friendly, approachable and realistic, determined that our clients succeed in all of their safety and security objectives.

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Company Profile

  • Consultancy, Safety and Security Training Services

    Whether you are designing an airport, upgrading safety and security procedures or writing a compliant security programme, Avsec Global Ltd can help. We provided the Aviation Security element of the EU funded TRACECA I Project for three years in 9 countries. We have just been awarded the aviation security element of the TRACECA II project.

    Other examples of our consultancy projects include:

    • Security programme design for Airports, Airlines, catering Companies and ground handling companies
    • Detailed physical security assessment and technical reports for airports, ATM and navigational facilities
    • Provision of business plans for the security operations in preparation for the corporatisation of 8 airports
    • Supporting the writing and preparation for 3 national aviation security plans
    • Preparing post audit corrective action plans for 4 airports
    • Provision of fly away security teams for operational support

    We do not provide off the shelf manuals and solutions. We tailor all of our products to the individual needs of the client to produce bespoke solutions that work.

    Training Sevices

    We are extremely proud of our training department. At Avsec Global Ltd we believe that good quality training is vital for our clients’ staff and customer satisfaction.

    We provide high quality training, which is developed with your staff and business in mind. We understand how to produce training programmes that are relevant and easy to understand. We do the hard work so that your staff can learn new information and skills in a way that suits them. All of our training instructors are experts in their field and deliver the highest quality material.

    Our training programmes are under constant review to ensure that they are up to date and reflect current legislation and best practice.

  • Aviation Security Training Courses

    All of our instructors are qualified to UK DfT standards and have wide experience in air safety management.

    A quality Aviation Security Training Programme is a vital part of any company involved in today’s aviation sector. We are continually reviewing and updating our training products to ensure that they are effective, up to date and meet current and future legislative demands.

    Our extensive portfolio of training packages include many that directly empower Aircrew, Ground Crew, Cargo handling and Management staff.

    Aviation Security Training Course

    This course of eight days duration is designed for persons working for aviation security regulatory organisations. It covers international requirements for Aviation Security; interface between regulators, Airport operators and aircraft operators; Technology in aviation security; Security procedures; Air carrier security programmes; Aviation security management; Security inspection and auditing and standards monitoring Design in security.

    Aviation Security & Security Training Courses

    • Bomb Threat Assessors Training Course
    • Ground Staff Security Awareness Training Course
    • Dangerous Goods awareness Training Course
    • Security Threat Assessor’s Training Course
    • Security Risk Management Training Course
    • Safety Practices for Lone Workers Training
    • Train-the-trainer Programmes
    • Management of Training Course
    • Training Techniques and Design Training Course

    All our training courses are written and designed with our Client’s operation in mind. Contact us for more details of our training courses.

  • Crisis Management Training Course

    Whilst we all hope that we will never need it, a good crisis plan and management strategy is essential. Whether that crisis develops from an incident, accident or natural disruption, this training course will support you in constructing a plan that will enable your organisation to minimise effect on capacity and capability.

    Critical Infrastructure and C.A.R.V.E.R. Matrix Training Course

    The protection of Critical Infrastructure is paramount to the protection of all states and corporations. Critical infrastructure includes:

    • Airports
    • Seaports
    • Ground transport
    • Rail
    • Power
    • Military Installations
    • Fuel infrastructures

    The CARVER matrix was developed by the United States Special Operations Forces during the Vietnam War. CARVER is an acronym for Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, Effect and Recognizability, and is a system to identify and rank specific targets and critical infrastructure vulnerable points.

    This risk management based process ensures that resources are correctly targeted to ensure maximum efficiency and vital processes and installations are protected. Our training courses cover the matrix and examine methods for identifying critical infrastructure as well as practical survey techniques and understanding of essential services and their installations.


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