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Azimut JSC

Radio-communication, Navigation, Landing, Surveillance and Air Taffic Control Automation Systems

Azimut carries out development, batch production and delivery of radio-communication, navigation, landing, surveillance and air control automation systems to civil aviation enterprises.

Azimut provides his customers with a full set of works and services on a turnkey basis including: design, construction, delivery, installation, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the equipment throughout the life cycle.

At present, more than 6000 units of Azimut products are successfully used in the Russian Federation and all over the world.

The main line of our products is:

  • Air Traffic Control systems based on a 4D flight trajectory;
  • Communication systems (multi-channel radio, antennas, automated receiving and transmitting centers, data transmission equipment and other equipment);
  • Navigation and surveillance systems (automatic radio direction radars, various beacons antennas, instrumental landing systems, primary and secondary radars).

Company Profile

  • Air Traffic Control System «GALAXY»

    4D Trajectory based Air Traffic Management System «GALAXY»

    «GALAXY» is a 4D Trajectory Based Air Traffic Management System. Modern and scalable solution for low, medium and high density airspace.


    • Tower, approach and en-route control;
    • Support remote Approach and Tower units both civil and military;
    • Open for customer’s requirements;
    • Designed based on ICAO and EUROCONTROL requirements;
    • Compliant with International standard;
    • In compliance with ICAO ASBU Initiative;
    • WGS-84 based system: no limitation for dimensions of processed area;
    • Integration with EUROCONTROL IFPS and CFMU.


    • Surveillance Data Processing System (SDPS)
    • Flight Data Processing System (FDPS)
    • Controller Working Positions (CWP)
    • Safety Nets (SNET)
    • Time Reference System (TRS)
    • Digital Recording System (DRS)
    • Meteo Subsystem
    • Information Subsystem
    • System Monitoring and Control (SMC)
  • Air Traffic Managemnet Systems

    • AMAN/DMAN integrated and standalone solution
    • Remote and virtual tower
    • ATM system «GALAXY» Simulator
    • Controller Working Position «ORION»
  • Сommunications System

    • Series 2000. Multi-channel VHF and VHF/UHF radio communication equipment
    • Series 2000. Multi-channel HF and radio communication equipment
    • VHF and UHF antennas
    • TRS 200. VHF and UHF Automated transmitting and receiving communication centre (ATRC)
    • Data transmitting equipment (ACARS/VDL2)
    • ATN/ACARS equipment
  • Navigation And Surveillance Systems

    • Automatic direction finder DF 2000
    • DME 2700 – Long-range Distance Measuring Equipment
    • DVOR 2000 – Doppler VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range
    • ILS 2700 – Instrument Landing System
    • VOR/DME – VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range RMA-90. Distance Measuring Equipment RMD-90
    • RMP-200 (NDB) – Non-directional radio beacon
    • AMI 2700. Aerodrome Mode S radar with an integrated secondary channel (MSSR)

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