Airport IT Solutions

We support over 60 airports globally, providing consultancy and delivering innovative software solutions.

We provide consultancy and applications to evolve airport processes and services. By adopting and implementing new technologies we deliver efficient operations and a better experience to all airport stakeholders and guests.

Azinq was founded in 2016 by a group of Airport technology consultants who have a proven background in designing and deploying Airport technology solutions over the past 20 years. The team consists of a dedicated group of technical, functional and Airport technology business experts who all have previous experience of working with major airports and in particular CUTE/CUPPS and Airport Operational Data Base (AODB) related systems and interfaces.

Company Profile

  • Airport Hive®

    There are two elements to Airport Hive, the first is a flexible Integration & API Platform and the second is suite of Applications.

    Their purpose is to quickly and easily unite technology across your campus, delivering your business outcomes more efficiently and effectively.

    Integration & API Platform

    Solve the most challenging connectivity problems. Drive new-age connectivity solutions with our unified, extremely productive hybrid Integration & API Platform. Enable your airport to create a network of apps, data and devices with API-led connectivity.

    • Modern and secure RESTful APIs
    • Integration Microservices
    • Connect systems with our “out of the box” adaptors
    • Manage your system with ease
    • Monitor system health and performance
    • Unified platform
    • Enterprise grade security


    Rely on our experienced consultants, talented developers and accredited team. Working with you, we can deliver a rapid return on your investment, empowering your team to make valuable business decisions using our intuitive applications below:

    • Airport API
    • Forecasting
    • Flight Schedule Management
    • Airline Message Processor
    • Electronic Flight Strip Processor
    • Data Disruption Management
    • Airport Team App

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  • Azinq IT

    A highly experienced team with many years of developing, delivering and supporting airport IT solutions and integrations. We understand the complexities of integrating legacy and modern airport systems and have a successful track record in many airports such as Manchester Airport, London Luton Airport, Muscat Airport, Keflavik Airport, Stansted Airport, Glasgow Airport and many more. The team consist of aviation domain technology experts with global experience of delivering Airport IT systems for key industry suppliers using many technologies.

    Our expertise covers strategy development, design, build and implementation through to support and maintenance.

    Our Services Include:

    • Data analytics
    • DevOps
    • IT Consultancy
    • Support Services
    • System Integration

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Airport Hive – Flight Schedule Processor

Modernise your flight schedule processing by fully de-coupling the intensive flight schedule processing needs from your airport operational systems. Offering support for various industry standard formats (SSIM, AIDX, Score etc.).

Airport Hive – Flight Schedule Management

Our slot management solution provides airports with the capability to respond to airline slot requests while ensuring airport capacity is fully optimised. Our Airport Hive product is fully compatible with the latest IATA SSIM Chapter …

Airport Hive – Flight Management

Provides complete visibility of flight related information to airport business stakeholders in daily operations. An A-CDM aligned solution that enables a common situational awareness of airport activity at any given time. Fully configurable to map …

Airport Hive – Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

Proudly partnering with PADS4, to deliver a powerful all-in-one FIDS. It transforms data sources into smart and versatile signage, including advertising, way-finding, internal communication, queue management and corporate branding. PADS4 supports real-time data integration, if-this-then-that …

Airport Hive – Airline Message Processor

Flexible, scalable and secure, Airline Message Processor allows airports to integrate with airline messaging systems using Type B message formats through the use of containerised microservices and highly configurable message parsers.

Airport Hive – Mobile

Airport Hive Mobile provides real time access to your operational flight information with the full capability of editing and maintaining flight records. This delivers a mobile collaboration platform for all your airport business stakeholders. Especially useful …

Airport Hive – Airport API

A modern cloud-based API which will read fight information from an Airport Operational Data Base (AODB) and easily make this available in real time to internal and external systems. Removing the need for lengthy and …

Airport Hive – Network Operator Viewer

View real-time aircraft positional information from local radar and/or ADS-B systems on a map. Coupled with Airport Hive Flight Management, the operational team will have full situational awareness of aircraft progress at any given time. …

Airport Hive – Flight Strip Processor

Integrate with electronic flight progress strip systems using our Flight Strip Processor. Secure, and built on years of experience, safely exchange information with tower systems to enable accurate flight plan matching, capture key event times …

Airport Hive – Radar Message Processor

An airport receives various radar messages to update the operation with the key flight information. This module ensures the radar messages are parsed and processed correctly against the associated flight leg within Airport Hive or …

Airport Hive – Billing

Fully automate the collation and processing of aeronautical revenue and commercial deals for airport customers. The solution caters for the most basic to the most complex tariff structures. This enables the airport to quickly react …

Airport Hive Forecasting

Re-energise your airport business planning and budgeting needs. Save time and resource by rapidly modelling income, cost and capacity using flexible rulesets, the powerful flight schedule builder and variable passenger loads. Model future CAPEX position …


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