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B-Tech Audio Video Mounts is an industry leading company with over 40 years experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of audio video accessories. B-Tech’s comprehensive product range includes mounting solutions for a variety of AV equipment, such as screens, speakers and projectors and is designed by an in-house engineering team at the head office in the UK.

Supported by a global network of offices and distribution facilities, including subsidiaries in Brussels, Berlin, Barcelona, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ningbo and Hanoi mean B-Tech can quickly supply to all corners of the globe. Having been nominated for a number of awards, B-Tech’s professional range includes digital signage and video wall mounting solutions which are recognised worldwide and can be found in airports across the globe, as well as in sports stadia, hotels, offices, schools, universities, restaurants, bars/clubs, hospitals – the list is endless.

Company Profile

  • World Renowned Video Wall Mounting and Bracket Solutions

    B-Tech’s range of video wall mounting solutions features a variety of different products, allowing video walls to be mounted to the wall, onto poles, suspended from the ceiling or freestanding on the floor.

    The first and most popular mount in the range is the BT8310 – a modular mounting solution which allows the assembly of video walls of any size or configuration – in both landscape and portrait orientations. A pop-in, pop-out mechanism allows quick access to the rear of mounted screens for servicing and maintenance and makes mounting into a recessed wall possible.

    Toolless micro-adjustment at 8 points means screens can be perfectly aligned and screen specific spacers allow video walls to be assembled without the need for time consuming calculations and measurements.

  • Bracket and Mounting Solutions for Digital Signage & Information Screens

    B-Tech provide a variety of digital signage mounting solutions which are ideal for use in any situation where information needs to be displayed to the public, such as airport check-in desks, restaurant menu boards, flight information and baggage carousel screens.

    Choose from a range of over 70 flat screen wall and ceiling mounts or create fully customised solutions based on your exact needs with B-Tech’s System 2 range, which utilises 50mm diameter poles and collars to which an endless number of screens can be mounted.

  • Flat Screen Display Trolleys and Floor Stands

    B-Tech display trolleys and floor stands provide a mounting solution for information screens for those times when mounting to a wall or ceiling is not possible.

    They are designed to be strong and sturdy yet aesthetically pleasing, quick to assemble and simple to use. An expansive range includes options for screen sizes ranging from 23” all the way up to 100” and includes single, twin and back-to-back screen mounting options.

  • Installer Favoured Airport Mounting Solutions,

    Example Install – Astana Airport

    Video wall installations are quickly becoming the go to solution for displaying large amounts of information in commercial transport hubs such as airports and train stations. B-Tech’s BT8310 video wall mount is a firm favourite amongst professional installers who are usually responsible for handling big airport installs. Almaty Diagnostika LLP, a Kazakhstan based AV installer/Integrator recently completed projects at the international airports and mainline railway stations of their country’s two largest cities, Astana and Almaty, where almost 100 BT8310s were installed for a variety of purposes:

    • Astana Airport FIDS – BT8310 x 48
    • Astana Airport Control Room – BT8310 x 9
    • Astana National Information Agency CR – BT8310 x 15
    • Astana Railway Station Timetable screen – BT8310 x 9
    • Almaty 1 Railway Station Timetable screen – BT8310 x 9
    • Almaty 2 Railway Station Timetable screen – BT8310 x 9

    Managing Director Alexey Kim from Almaty Diagnostika commented that they ‘chose the BT8310 because of its modular design which allowed for a variety of different configurations to be set up as required. Also the key features such as the pop-out function and 8 point adjustment meant installation was both quick and easy’. Alexey further added ‘from our vast experience of these type of public, cost sensitive AV projects, one cannot underestimate the importance of having an efficient, practical and flexible solution that is not only completely safe and secure but also aims to reduce install time’.


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