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Redefining the end-to-end passenger process with a complete range of self-service baggage handling solutions

BBC is the leading supplier of Self-service solutions and baggage handling control system to Norwegian airports. We have distinct competence from engineering of airport operations, combined with extensive management experience from airports and airlines. A pioneer in self-service – innovation in close partnership with our clients has always been a focus in BBC.

With partners in both Germany and the UK, BBC offers the scalability of a large company combined with the agility of a small one.

BBC delivers a complete range of self-service solutions from TAGOMAT® to self-service bag drop variants (BAGOMAT) ranging from one- and two step solutions to fully automated and retrofit solutions. In addition, our vast experience in BHS provides for easy integration to various BHS systems.

Company Profile


    The Tagomat® is a quick and easy solution aligned with todays travel patterns. Airline apps are changing the way we travel. Most airline passengers are already checked-in as they arrive at the airport. Their basic need is to quickly tag and drop their bag.

    The Tagomat® is the quickest solution on the market, with transaction times as low as 8 seconds, mobility in the form of 4G and battery power. With the Tagomat® airports are given a self-service tool to redefine their passenger process.

    The Tagomat® is a multi-airline solution, easy to install and maintain. Passenger surveys describe the solution as being Quick and Easy.

  • BAGOMAT SELF BAG DROP: Bag drop in 10 seconds

    Meet the BAGOMAT family. A complete range of self service bag drop solutions ranging from one- and two step solutions, available in both retrofit and fully automatic versions.

    BBC is the pioneer in Self-service bag drop. The company developed its first bag drop in 2004, we released biometrics in 2008. Todays solutions encompass 14 years of experience, providing usage figures of >90%.

    Our solutions are in operation at large airports like Frankfurt airport and smaller regional ones like Alta airport in Northern Norway. Our solutions are scalable to fit exactly your need for an effective self- service bag drop solution.

  • MYAIRPORT – Timely, accurate and actionable insights

    • Gain insights into consumer behavior: Analyze your passengers travel preferences, use the information to streamline operations and improve passenger experience and profitability
    • Turn data into actionable information: Identify key trends and patterns in passenger behavior and make important connections between areas of the travel process that may seem unrelated
    • Improve visibility: Improved control over the bag drop process


    • Monitor all connected units through one common system
    • Benchmarking based upon common KPIs
    • Self-service usage figures
    • Trend analysis
  • Mobile device by BBC – total control on the go

    • Information at your fingertips
    • Software / Application for supervision of self-service equipment
    • Mobile solution provides real-time information about TAGOMAT and BAGOMAT (operational/paper jam/offline)
    • Passenger booking information by scanning bag-tag or boarding pass
    • Provides floor walker with real-time data


BB Computerteknikk AS
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