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Airport Safety Barrier Systems

Berry Systems designs, manufactures and installs rigid and flexible airport safety barrier systems to provide traffic and pedestrian protection in commercial and industrial locations. All products are stringently tested to relevant standards and meet or exceed current regulations as well as recommendations from the Institution of Structural Engineers and the Institute of Civil Engineers.

Berry Systems’ industrial and car park safety barriers provide protection for vehicles ranging from 1.5 to 40 tonnes. The range also includes systems designed to protect columns, conveyor belts, racking and other items of plant and machinery. Bespoke systems can be designed to overcome specific problems. Where there is insufficient space for a floor mounted safety barrier system, the range of rubber safety barriers can still provide protection for almost any building structure.

A semi-flexible mounting system, such as the Berry Flexi-Post can absorb more energy from an impact by deflecting up to 120mm. This deflection protects the safety barrier, the impacting object and the floor anchorage. This is sufficient, for example, to absorb over half of the force involved when a 1.5 tonne vehicle hits a safety barrier at 10mph (4.5metres/sec).

Where even larger impacts are possible then the Berry Spring Steel Buffa system should be used. The mounting posts, as the name suggests, are made from a grade of spring steel that has enormous flexible qualities. A Spring Steel Buffa system can typically deflect between 300mm and 400mm and in the process absorb approximately 75% of the force involved in the example of the 1.5 tonne vehicle at 10mph.

Pedestrian protection is provided by the use of hand rails and mesh panels, which can be used in conjunction with traditional safety barrier rails or beam and rail systems.

Company Profile

  • Spring Steel Buffa Plus

    One of the biggest challenges in design of the barriers is that forks of a forklift truck are specifically designed to go under things in order to pick them up, this issue would defeat most conventional safety barriers.

    Berry Systems have solved this problem by using two barriers, mounting one over the other on a single set of spring steel supports. The lower barrier is reversed so that the two overlap, creating an impenetrable bastion from ground level to 600 mm high.

    The combined system provides superb protection regardless of whether the point of impact is the body of a vehicle or the extended forks of a forklift.

    Bright yellow plastic end caps protect against sharp edges and draw attention to where the barriers end. A handrail can be added for additional pedestrian protection.

  • Flexi-Post Barrier

    The Flexi-Post Barrier system is a semi-flexible mounting system uniquely engineered to be able to withstand regular heavy impact of up to 10 tonnes.

    The upper part of the post is mounted into a rubber shock absorber which allows a limited deflection of the post – about 120mm. This deflection protects both the barrier and the impacting object. Flexi-Posts use 4 x 12mm screw anchor bolts, 150mm embedment and a pull out loading of only 75kN.

    They are ideal when a limited amount of space is available for barrier deflection, but reduced anchor bolt loading is essential compared to a rigid system.

    With the addition of a handrail and a spring steel mounted, low level, warehouse rail, the combined system offers highly effective protection from floor to 1100mm high

  • Double Warehouse Rail

    The Berry Systems Warehouse Rail is designed to absorb glancing impacts from mobile warehouse equipment to protect fixed installations such as conveyor belts or racking.

    Conveyor belts are very space efficient as they can wend their way through a facility, twisting and turning as required.

    Some of these space saving benefits will be lost If the barrier protecting them cannot be shaped to follow their contours.

    Berry Warehouse Rails can be pre-shaped to bespoke dimensions either as single rails or in double or even triple height versions.

  • I-Beam Protector

    Supporting columns are highly vulnerable to damage from site traffic. Berry Systems offer a wide range of column protection products that cater for various sizes and can be tailored to your precise needs.

    Berry I-Beam Protectors are mounted directly to an I-Beam column and so require no foundations or footings. They are ideal for use where ground conditions are not suitable for conventional Column Buffas. The steel mountings absorb some of the impact forces and so protect the I-Beam from major damage.

    Available in full circle or semi-circular options, I-Beam Protectors can also guard any service pipes or ducting running down the beam provided sizes and locations are advised in advance so that the fittings can be customised to accommodate this requirement.

    Berry Systems also manufactures and installs safety barriers for car parks as well as complete car park facade systems.


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