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Ground Power Units (GPU’s) for Airports / Generating Sets / Floodlight Units

Bertoli is an Italian manufacturing company that produces 400Hz Ground power units designed for both military and civil aviation, generating sets and floodlight units.

Bertoli pays a particular attention to the pursuit of quality, both in materials and workmanship and technicians constantly monitor the technological upgrading of the products, so that they are compliant with all the safety and reliability requirements dictated by the European legislation to give guarantees to consumers.

Bertoli’s target is to innovate on the basis of the traditional product and starting from a proven tradition to explore the new frontiers of technology and its relevant innovative applications

Bertoli offers a wide range of products and services:

  • Ground Power Units from 60kVA to180kVA
  • Mobile floodlight units supplied with generating sets from 6 to 30 kVA and equipped with 5-9 m. high telescopic mast with halogen lamps as standard.
  • Stationary and mobile generating sets from 3 to 2000 kVA for indoor and outdoor installation, open type, with canopy or in container
  • Medium- and Low-voltage power plants
  • After sales service
  • Customised solutions
  • The company is certified according to ISO 9001-2008
  • All products are CE marked

Bertoli’s vision is to be perceived as a reliable and professional supplier of Ground Power Units, floodlight units and generating sets.

Company Profile

  • Airport Ground Power Unit

    Bertoli, manufacturing entirely in Italy, offers reliable, user friendly and easy to maintain 400Hz ground power units from 60kVA to180kVA.

    GPUs main features are:

    • 2000 RPM Water cooled electronic diesel engine with radiator and blower fan
    • Primary brand 400Hz alternator
    • Structural steel base with built-in large capacity fuel tank and equipped with vibration dampers, lifting facilities fitted
    • Manual control panel with microprocessor logic controller
    • one or two AC output 115/200V (depending on models) with relevant cable (standard length: 7 m)
    • Two axle trailer with steerable front wheels, fixed drawbar, parking brake automatically operated when the draw bar is in vertical position, cable storage compartment on both sides of GPU
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Sound- and weatherproof canopy with side doors and fully ventilation for continuous operation

    On demand, we supply:

    • 28Vdc output
    • 2nd AC output 115/200V on GPU models up to 120kVA
    • Units built according to military standards
    • Special painting
  • Generating sets

    Bertoli generating sets are intended for the supply of electric power in case of public mains failure, or where there is no mains available.

    Our range of generating sets spans from 3 to 2000kVA generating sets

    All our production, from inception to completion, is carried out in Italy. All the components used in our manufacturing process are made in western countries.

    For our generating sets, we design and produce weather and soundproof enclosures and trailers for towing on roads or off road (high speed) or on fields (low speed).

    Bertoli has profound knowledge and skills in the design and construction of special applications, too. Over the years, we have provided numerous companies and institutions throughout the world with our solutions.

    The experience gained is a precious heritage at our partners’ service; however, every situation requires the expertise of Bertoli’s technical and sales staff, based on an accurate planning and construction procedure.

  • Mobile Floodlight Units

    Bertoli floodlight units are supplied with mobile generating set from 6 to 30 kVA equipped with 5-9 m high telescopic mast with halogen lamps as standard. HPS, metal halide or Led lamps are available on request.

    Generating sets can be easily removed from the trailer with the floodlight unit and used independently

    Depending on power and models, telescopic masts can be raised and lowered manually by means of a winch with automatic brake or they can be supplied with pneumatic or hydraulic raising/lowering system.

    Floodlight units are equipped as standard with single axle trailer designed for low speed towing.

    Flood light units can be equipped, on request, with a high speed trailer for towing on roads.

    Fast trailer is different from low speed trailer for the fact that can be equipped with special features that make it capable of being homologated to be moved on public road (homologation is at customer’s charge).

    Special Features:

    • Height fixed drawbar complete with overrun coupling device hydraulic dumped and towing hitch
    • Height adjustable drawbar complete with overrun coupling device hydraulic dumped and towing hitch
    • Axle shaft with shock absorber
    • Fender with retrofitting light, position indicator, stop lights
    • Bracket for plate
    • Spare tyre
  • Products and Services

    Thanks to his ability on engineering, customizing and production capability, our solutions provide:

    • efficiency in extreme weather conditions and environments
    • mobility, movement and transportability
    • recovery and optimisation of thermal factors
    • compliance with civil and military protection institution regulations
    • acoustic caulking with hazardous emission levels
    • non-permeability to atmospheric or chemical corrosive agents
    • protection from atmospheric particulates
    • detection and control of efficiency in remote mode (wan nets)
    • emission levels
    • quality standards and certifications

    You can contact us to ask about any energy generation needs. Our technical staff will be happy to meet up with you and carry out a preliminary examination of your requirements to provide highly customized products.


Ground Power Unit 90 kVA

20x/90T is a robust and reliable 400 Hz ground power unit. The compact design and a user-friendly control panel are an optimal combination of aesthetic and usability.


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