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Ultimate Solution for Grass Cutting of Airports and Airfield Green Areas

ECO GRASS – Grass Management Solution for Airports and Airfield Green Areas & Bird Control

At Bonino we designed the Eco Grass 2 in 1 solution with 2 objectives: to address situations where being able to adjust the height of the mower cut is key and to create a machine that in a single go would cut and collect the grass immediately.

Company Profile

  • Eco Grass 2 in 1 Solution

    Bonino Macchine was establish in 1946. The experience and professionalism gained over half a century guarantees, on one hand, top quality products and extremely reliable machines, and on the other incredible flexibility that allows machines to be modified and custom made if there is a particular need. Our Eco Grass 2 in 1 solution based on a DG 70 self loading pull behind flail mower is the ultimate solution to the long standing problem of mowing green areas at airports and airfields. Over time we have seen many different and imaginative solutions, but customers confirm that ours is the most effective. There are airports that uses goats, sheep or llamas to help mow the grass, others that decide to go for standard cutting systems… we propose our specifically designed machine.

    The Eco Grass has two special design features: the option to adjust the operational height of the front flail mower from between 2 and 20 cm and the instant loading of the grass just cut onboard with no residual grass left on the ground.

    In this way we solve two problems related to grass mowing beside runways in one go: we discourage the presence of birds which with grass that is 20cm tall will not be attracted to find insects, and we avoid having grass left just beside the runway, even for a few minutes / hours leading to the risk hazard of grass blown onto the runways.

    Traditionally the grass cutting operation consisted of two phases: the first one was the actual cut of the grass and the second one was the collection of it

                                       CUT – CART – DISPOSE

    ECO GRASS does it all in one go.



  • Main Advantages of Eco Grass 2 in 1 Solution

    We can summarize the main advantages of using our system for airport landscape managers and contractors in the following points:

    • BIRDS CONTROL: our system cuts the grass up to 20 cm height, making it unattractive for birds to search for animals and insects
    • GRASS MANAGEMENT: The grass is cut, chopped and collected immediately, without leaving behind any residual grass.
    • COST EFFECTIVE: the grass is cut and loaded in one go, saving money both in terms of man hours and fuel consumption
    • HIGH CAPACITY: the high loading capacity ( up to 30 m³ ) allows for fewer stops to unload and becomes another cost effective feature.
    • LOW GROUND IMPACT: The machine is design to distribute its weight evenly using, if required, flotation tires that guarantee very low ground impact also under very wet conditions.
    • ECOLOGICAL GRASS DISPOSAL: the grass is finely chopped making it perfect for use by anaerobic digesters / bio gas production sites that may be near the airport, potentially becoming a source of income for the airport / contractor
    • ONE MACHINE ONE OPERATOR:  the operator controls all the functions directly from the tractor via the machine’s hydraulic system.


  • Case Studies

    All three Paris airports (Paris Beauvais – Paris Orly – Paris Charles de Gaulle Roissy) have chosen the Bonino Eco Grass self loading flail mover to take care of their green areas.

    Our machine was favoured above other competitors as it is the single most cost effective solution on the market, not only doing a great job, but also delivering costs cuts and low ground impact.

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  • Machine Specs

    Our towed mower carriages are purpose designed and built for the maintenance of large expanses of green areas (e.g.: parks, airports, etc…). These machines are equipped with front mounted grass cutter units (cutting height adjustments ranging from 20 to 150mm) which feed the cuttings directly into a rear-mounted container. The machine is able to cut either directly behind the towing vehicle or on either side of it, depending on the operational requirements of the site. The settling and discharge belt driven by a hydraulic motor enables an even discharge of the product. All of the machine’s hydraulic functions are controlled directly from the towing vehicle by means of flexible controls that operate via the hydraulic manifold unit mounted on the machine.

    DG 50                       DG 60                               DG 70

    Total Length               m. 6.30                    m. 6.80                             m. 7.30

    Body Length               m. 3.66                    m. 4.16                             m. 4.66

    Max Height                 m. 3.03                    m. 3.03                             m. 3.03

    Max Width                  m. 2.38                    m. 2.38                             m. 2.38

    Capacity (CM)                23                            27                                     30

    Mower width              m. 1.900                  m. 1.900                            m. 1.900

    Tires                     19.0/45×17 PR 10     400/60×15.5 PR 14         19.0/45×17 PR 10

    Axle                                 1                               2                                      2

    Weight                        Kg 2800                    Kg 3150                           Kg 3300

    Demanded power        HP 60                       HP 70                               HP 80


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