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Airport Entrance and Security Access Solutions

Royal Boon Edam offers a sophisticated range of airport entrance and security access solutions.

Airport terminal buildings are designed to deal with large numbers of passengers every day. Managing and monitoring the flow of these people without compromising on security, accessibility or user friendliness is a challenge.

Founded in 1873 as a small carpentry shop in Amsterdam, Boon Edam manufactured its first revolving door over 100 years ago. This proved to be the start of a long heritage in innovative entrance solutions. Since then Boon Edam has become the acknowledged global market leader in revolving doors. Today Boon Edam does not only stand for revolving doors, but we also offer one of the most sophisticated ranges of security access products available as well as a variety of advanced door care maintenance and retrofit packages.

In the last decades of the twentieth century Boon Edam built a worldwide distribution network. We now have subsidiary companies in 15 countries, manufacturing facilities in China, the Netherlands and the United States and distributors in over 55 other countries, ensuring that a Boon Edam contact is always near you.

Boon Edam’s airport specific range includes:

  • high capacity, energy saving & user safety entrance solutions
  • passenger flow separation products
  • automated border passage
  • high security access and perimeter security

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  • Airport Passenger Separation Solutions

    Stringent security regulations necessitate a strict separation of passenger flows. The Flowslide by Boon Edam offers a solution that reconciles the need to keep two crossing flows of people apart with passenger comfort. It can be implemented within a one storey terminal construction or your existing terminal infrastructure, eliminating the need for renovation.

    The Flowslide consists of a rigid central door wing and three curved sliding panels which revolve within the drum of the door. The sliding panels alternately open and close entries or exits of the door. The sliding panels and door wings are controlled by software to ensure that passengers can only walk from A to B or from X to Y and will never be able to meet.

  • Self-Boarding Security Lanes

    New to the Boon Edam product range is the Airport Swinglane. This self boarding security lane was specifically designed by Boon Edam to allow passengers to have a quick and efficient boarding process without jeopardising strict security measures. The Airport  Swinglane can be used in a variety of airport terminal security situations, including boarding, immigration and transfers, all with the strictest security.

    Functioning as self-boarding security lane, passengers have the freedom to self-board in a secure area, freeing up staff for other, more customer focused tasks. The Airport Swinglane is equipped with the most sophisticated technology, detecting any attempts to board the flight without a valid boarding pass, including tailgate, jump over, crawl under and luggage detection.

    Its aesthetic design with very slim units allows for multiple lane setup even in a narrow corridor and seamless integration into the surrounding environment. Combining high detection levels, ergonomics and self explanatory user instructions, the Airport Swinglane is the perfect self-boarding solution for your airport.

  • High Security Access and Perimeter Security Solutions

    Airport terminals need to be accessible, but also secure. Combining these apparent contradictions is challenging but security and accessibility meet in Boon Edam’s wide range of high security access and perimeter security solutions. The range includes secured entrance solutions, security lanes and full height turnstiles.

    Boon Edam’s high security entrance solutions prevent unauthorised entrance to secured areas. They are to be found in areas where a high level of security is to be balanced with ease and speed of operation. Our full height turnstiles can be used to provide both indoor and outdoor perimeter security. These high security solutions eliminate the need for third party security in your unsupervised areas.

    When you need to create a separation between a secure and non secure area in your terminal building, Boon Edam’s pedestrian security lanes offer the perfect solution. The Speedlane and Swinglane security lanes allow for fast, smooth, efficient and bi-directional security access control.

    Equipped with anti-tailgating and anti-piggy-backing technology, the Boon Edam high security access range ensures security is kept at its highest.

    All Boon Edam security access products are capable of interfacing with virtually any access control system available.

  • High Capacity, Energy Saving & User Safety Entrance Solution

    Airport buildings and terminals see millions of people pass through them every year. The entrance is of vital importance in managing the flow of these large numbers of visitors. Boon Edam high capacity revolving doors have been used by numerous airports for many years to provide fast, smooth and energy efficient access.

    The additional advantage of a Boon Edam high capacity revolving door is its energy saving principle. A revolving door is always open to visitors but remains permanently closed to cold, heat, drafts, dust and noise outside. As no energy is lost to the outside, high capacity revolving doors save cost on heating and cooling your building. Moreover they help to maintain ambient temperatures and to improve working conditions for check-in staff and others working daily within airport buildings.

    Available in a variety of configurations, dimensions and finishes the right automated high capacity revolving door for your building is always at hand.

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