BreakBox; - Airport Terminal Sleeping Modules - Relaxing Cabins for Transit Areas

BreakBox® is an innovative concept in waiting time management. More than a product, BreakBox® is a full hospitality service with equipped private spaces, human welcome and an own management-system.

BreakBox® is a new solution making waiting in transit areas a soothing experience. Comfy individual living spaces, more private and exclusive than business lounges and more functional and affordable than hotel rooms.

For one hour or more, between two flights or meetings, BreakBox® helps guests relax, get ready and prepare for their next challenge in restful and private surroundings. Modules are tailor-made to individual needs with ergonomic and original designs.

BreakBox®’s priority is guest satisfaction. There will always be a hostess at the reception desk, trained for a personalized welcome – an essential BreakBox® performance criterion.

The first BreakBox® has been finalized in May 2012 in France. Many experts in hospitality, design, architecture and engineering have contributed to its current layout. This final version has been introduced to the Asian Market through the Inter Airport China 2012 Beijing and to the European Market through Equip’ Hotel 2012 Paris.

Company Profile

  • Specifications - The Smart Solution for Airport Passengers

    BreakBox® has been designed by experts in Hospitality, Design, Engineering & Frequent travelers. BreakBox® allows passengers in transit to work, entertain and relax in the same environment, proposing the following features:

    • Human welcome and cleaning service
    • Easy and fast e-tablet check-in check-out
    • Tailor-made NapstandTM (our ergonomic sofa) and flexible pillow
    • Large office, Wi-Fi, USB and international power outlets
    • TV including international channels and adaptable light to different needs
    • MP3/IPod sound system in a soundproof environment
    • Full body sized mirror and coat hooks
    • Personalized flight information and alarm clock
    • Large door window and carry-on luggage storage
  • Operations - The easy way to improve passenger transit experience

    BreakBox® has been designed to facilitate implementation within airport terminals.

    • Manufacture and set up are organized by BreakBox® qualified partners
    • Management (including operations, reservations, payments…), cleaning and maintenance are operated by BreakBox®.

    Breakbox® rents required space to host airports.

  • Airport Benefits - Quality & Revenue

    By providing your travelers with the BreakBox® Experience, you can improve your quality of service and make extra income – user’s satisfaction guaranteed:

    • An innovative and alternative service for new, casual and frequent travelers
    • No risks and no costs for the airport
    • Highly increase your customer satisfaction
    • Change the routine of transit time by diversifying your offer
    • Increase income with no worries about costs and management
    • Stand out from competition
    • New solution to manage non-predictable circumstances
    • A Plug&Go concept!
  • Requirements – Fast & Easy

    • Requires from 150sqm of available rental space for a full establishment
    • Might need a connection to electricity, water and A/C network
    • Your confidence for letting us giving the best possible service to your guests

    BreakBox®, a trademark of the Group B&W, was founded based on an idea and dynamic business approach of Steve WOOD and the 60 years’ experience and expertise of BLEZAT group.


BreakBox by B&W
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