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SideBull Highlifter for Aircraft: Passenger Transport

SideBull Highlifter for Aircraft: Passenger Transport (PRM, VIP) Catering, Cleaning, Maintenance

Our award-winning SideBull Highlifter for Aircraft (formerly known as SideCat) is considered the most effective and flexible lift vehicle on the market.

It can be used whereever freight or passengers are to be loaded onto an aircraft as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible: Passenger transport (PRM/Ambulift or VIP), Catering, Cleaning, or Maintenance are just some of the many possible applications.

The SideBull is available in two sizes: An XL version for main deck service and an XXL version that easily reaches to upper deck of B747 and A380 at more than eight meters. Thanks to its unique design, no stabilisers are required for lifting.

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  • Lifting and Docking Simultaneously

    The cabin of the SideBull can be raised from ground level to more than eight metres (XXL version), with the result that it easily reaches the upper deck doors of an Airbus A380. Thanks to its unique design, no stabilisers are required for lifting.

    Therefore, the innovative highlifter can lift its passengers or loads already while approaching the aircraft – a unique feature which provides enormous time savings in ground handling operations.

    As the driver’s cab is lifted together with the cabin, the driver does not have to change position at any time and enjoys a panoramic view.

  • Quick and Easy Boarding / Loading

    Unlike conventional truck loaders, the SideBull can lower its cabin completely on the ground. This way, boarding and loading is quick, easy and comfortable, and no auxiliary means are required.

    Various cabin sizes, interior fittings and options (e.g. heating/climate control) are available. With the optional change-over system, one SideBull chassis can even be used with different superstructures, e.g. if one catering cabin is loaded in the catering works while the other is on its way to the airplane.

  • Space-Saving and Fun Driving

    The SideBull Highlifter is built on a sidelift chassis, a tried-and-tested technology that has been used for decades in warehouses and harbours all over the world – but never before been applied to ground handling.

    When travelling, the vehicle transports its lowered cabin or platform in a space-saving manner. But the multitalent can also be driven with the cabin in the raised position. Up to a wind speed of 100 km/h perfect stability is guaranteed.

    The SideBull is fun in the narrowest of spaces as it has an extremely small turning circle – about half the size that conventional truck loaders require.

    The vehicle is operated by a joy-stick and the driver’s assisted by on-board cameras and a sophisticated vehicle information management system.


  • Safety First

    The SideBull Highlifter was built above all else for safety: safety first for the passengers, safety first for the airplanes.

    There is a fail-safe system for the lift hydraulics which would halt a sudden drop in the event of an oil break. Cameras and sensors beneath the cabin alert the driver if someone walks into a possibly dangerous position.

    Extremely important for SideBull’s work with the A380 is a sensor that prevents the cabin from lowering within a meter of an object beneath it. There is also a fail-safe web of sensors under the base of the unit, so that it will halt if anything should come within its line of sight as it lowers. Another fail-safe in the base unit can lower the cabin in the event of emergency.

    As the SideBull approaches an airplane, it moves from functioning as a normal motor vehicle to one with very fine sensitivity for its docking skills. Control now moves to the joystick, and speed is limited to  2 km/h.


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