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C.T.C Moyson - Used Ground Support Equipment

C.T.C Moyson is a company that sells not only second hand GSE for passenger or cargo handling but also tooling for aircraft maintenance. We have all the time several units on stock ranging from push-backs, wide body steps to axle jacks, aircraft docking you name it we probably have it refurbished or in working condition for every budget.

So we have our own satellite station on Brussels Airport the mayor airport of Belgium the station is supplied with a manager and 6 skilled technicians well equipped and well trained to overhaul and maintenance all the GSE and Tooling we can find today on the modern airports

At the company head quarters in Londerzeel 20 km from Brussels airport we have an Opel dealership, a body shop for cars, trucks, machinery a construction department and a GSE refurbishing department giving work for 26 skilled employees.

This gives us an advantage that only a few company’s have we have a brought range off knowledge and do not depend on other company’s.

Company Profile

  • Ground Support Equipment Vehicles

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    CTC Moyson has a broad range of GSE vehicles in stock, ranging from pushbacks, tow bars, baggage tractors, cargo loaders, passengers steps and catering trucks through to maintenance lifts, GPUs and heaters. These vehicles are manufactured by a range of different companies, including Schopf, FMC, TLD, Mulag , Charlatte, Trepel, Hobart, houchin and so many more.

  • Used GSE and Accessories

    CTC Moyson has a permanently large stock of used GSE and tools / accessories available. A large part of this stock has been refurbished by CTC, and all equipment meets the highest standards.

    We buy and sell used GSE accessories including engine stands, tripod jacks, axle jacks, bootstraps and hydraulic test banks. We also fabricate new customized equipment such as small toilet servicing units, wheel-change service units and wheel storage units.

  • GSE Vehicles Rental Service

    A new service that CTC Moyson offers is the renting of all types of ground support equipment throughout Europe. Our GSE can be rented out on both short-term and long-term deals.


    Aircraft Tooling for Ground Support

    Besides these GSE vehicles, CTC Moyson has a wide range of tools available, such as jacks, engine stands, slings, bootstraps, aircraft docking.

  • GSE Repair and Maintenance Specialists

    CTS employs highly skilled and well-trained employees in our Brussels Airport workshop. They are specialized in the repair, maintenance and service of all equipment used for operation on tarmac sites, and can offer a quick response to all your GSE needs.

    This, in combination with its large stock, allows CTC to guarantee quick and tailor-made solutions that respond to the specific needs of our clients.

    If you have any questions or wish to find out more information, please do not hesitate to contact CTC using the form below, or visit the company’s website.


C.T.C Moyson
Kruisveld 38 1840
  • +32 52 31 21 47