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Airport Weather Monitoring Systems – Ceilometers, RVR, Visibility and Software through to full AWOS

Campbell Scientific are experts in airport weather systems and is a global supplier of meteorological measurement instrumentation and software, field-proven for reliability and robustness in some of the toughest environments on earth. The high flexibility of Campbell Scientific weather systems equipment in terms of compatibility, connectivity and programmability has seen it successfully deployed in a diverse range of weather systems applications including transport solutions for air, water and ground but also for renewable energy projects, climate studies, agriculture projects and scientific research.

For aviation weather systems applications, Campbell Scientific can supply anything from an individual weather sensor right through to fully integrated automated weather observing systems (AWOS). Equipment can be integrated with existing infrastructure, components swapped out or complete weather systems configured from scratch. Campbell Scientific can supply and install direct or work with established system integrators depending upon the requirement, location and budget.

Campbell Scientific AWOS systems and airport weather monitoring systems all meet or exceed ICAO and CAA standards and conform to the latest aviation best practice requirements. Their aviation weather instrumentation range includes ceilometers for reporting of cloud base and vertical visibility, visibility and present weather sensors, background luminance sensors, a stand-alone IRVR (instrumented runway visual range) system, which also be incorporated into a wider AWOS system and Metcom aviation software. Customisable, high quality weather stations can be added as required to measure any additional meteorological parameters needed.

Campbell Scientific, established since 1974, is privately owned and has offices across the world providing sales and service to its customers. It serves six major market sections – Weather, Water, Energy, Structures, Machines and Earth. The company motto is ‘When Measurements Matter’ and its mission is to help customers make the best measurements possible. In airport situation measurements of course matter for safe take off and landings, for flight planning and for assisting with safety critical operational decision making.

Company Profile

  • AWOS (Automated Weather Observation System)

    Our Automated Weather Observation Stations are integrated network of sensors, software and peripherals that meet the meteorological observational requirements for safe and efficient aviation operations. Campbell Scientific AWOS systems are fully scalable allowing simple upgrading as an airport grows.

    An AWOS measures and records sensor data, provides QC checks before distributing weather information to those that need it for forecasting and flight planning and to assist in other safety critical decision making.

  • Metcom

    Metcom is a complete aviation meteorological monitoring and reporting system forming part of an AWOS solution. It is deployable as a single instance for small airfields right up to a dual server system with fully automatic failover for larger airports.

    Metcom is a comprehensive, fully integrated solution built to meet ICAO and CAP standards. Through an integrated and configurable terminal, Metcom provides current real-time information on weather conditions enabling airport personnel to make informed critical decisions.


    • Built to ICAO standards
    • Modern stateless browser based interface
    • Fail-over & audio with Metcom Controller
    • Easy to deploy and integrate
    • Interactive displays

    Metcom Controller
    To facilitate easy installation and dual server fail-over, metcom controller provides balanced audio lines to route from either a single or dual server setup. Separate feeds are provided for arrival, departure and telephone ATIS. PTT support is included to ensure maximum compatibility.

  • IRVR - Instrumented Runway Visual Range System

    The Campbell Scientific Instrumented Runway Visual Range System or IRVR provides an automated assessment of the distance over which the pilot of an aircraft can see the runway surface markings or the runway lights.

    The IRVR system provides an automated method of determining RVR, eliminating the error associated with human observations and ensuring reliable and efficient airport operations.

    The system is scalable allowing for simple and economical solutions for smaller airports or airfields but scaling up to a full three sensor location system for the largest of airports.

  • Weather Sensors

    Wind Speed (WS) and Wind Direction (WD)
    Wind speed and direction can be measured at multiple sites and configured with fail-over locations. All processing is ICAO compliant providing instantaneous values and 2, 10 minute marked discontinuities.

    Visibility (VIS/MOR) and Present Weather (PW)
    The CS120A, CS125 and PWS100 optical sensors from Campbell Scientific are all capable of measuring visibility. The CS125 and PWS100 also offer present weather measurement reporting WMO compliant present weather codes.

    Air Temperature (Ta) Relatively Humidity (RH) Pressure (BP)
    Air temperature and relative humidity are typically sited on the airfield. Barometric pressure can be sited on the airfield or in the tower equipment room with an external static pressure head. Feeding into Metcom measurements are processed in accordance with ICAO, producing QNH and QFE.

    The CS135 ceilometer can be used in single or multiple locations to provide reliable cloud height measurement.


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