Electronic Control Systems for Baggage Handling & Air Cargo Handling

Check-in desks, carousels or inclined planes for the return, belt conveyors, Integration of the x-ray or explosive, shunt systems, sorters or continuous “point to point”: CASSIOLI Airport Division is able to offer all necessary elements for the systems of automatic sorting at high speed.

Cassioli Brasil has been the subject, in recent years, of major changes at the organizational level to make the Brazilian company more efficient, more important and more competitive than it was in the last years for service level and market prices. In the new headquarters of Jundiaì of 20,000 square meters in total, they employ over 80 people of whom over 40% are employed in technical services, in the mechanical and electrical design, software development and in the research&development department. The new building is just the latest step in a process of constant renewal.

Company Profile

  • Electronic Control Systems for Baggage Handling

    The effective management of transfers and baggage screening is a priority for airports around the world. The baggage must be moved, manipulated and controlled with accuracy, speed and security.

    CASSIOLI Airport Division is the answer to this challenge. The full range of products BHS and aptitude for innovation, quality and improved production processes, enable solutions CASSIOLI Airport Division to meet the needs of modern airports.

    The new division is able to design, simulate, develop, commission and maintain systems for sorting and baggage checks.

  • Electronic Control Systems for Air Cargo Handling

    CASSIOLI Airport Division is present with its systems in many airports around the world. Every solution emerges from the union of two specific skills.

    On the one hand, it was possible to take advantage of the long experience and know-how developed by CASSIOLI in automation for industrial transportation: modern systems for the physical handling of materials, PLC and PC software to control flows and systems identification with RFID technology for maximum accuracy in terms of tracking.

    The other key component is the acquisition of skills acquired in more than 15 years in the airport logistics such as, for example, the propulsion “friction drive”, the adoption of extruded aluminum profiles and the use of plastic materials with high resistance (with fire resistance and low smoke propagation). All equipment is designed with the aim of achieving the best balance between cost, efficiency and reliability.

    The service, of course, is complete with all part of “intelligence” necessary for device management, with special automation software can monitor all activities


Rua Gustavo Henrique Meerson
235 Distrito Industrial III
Caixa Postal 921 Jundiaí
São Paulo
  • +39 0577 684511