Complete Ground Support Equipment

Cavotec’s Airports Market Unit is a complete ground support equipment (GSE) integrator for the global airports sector.

Working closely with airport operators, airlines and aircraft manufacturers, we develop a diverse range of advanced GSE – including fuel, water and power supply units, tunnel systems, pre-conditioned air units (PCAir), aircraft connectors and caddies – that help our clients reduce tarmac congestion, improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Cavotec’s Airports Unit is composed of four entities: Cavotec Dabico US and UK, Cavotec INET US, Cavotec Meyerinck and Cavotec Fladung: each bringing its own area of specialisation and expertise to the Group.

Cavotec GSE technologies service aircraft at airports and other applications worldwide.

Some of our major customers and applications include: Anchorage Airport, Bahrain Airport, Boeing, Corporation, Cargolux, ClaVal, Dubai Airports, Emte Sistemas, Frankfurt Airport, Gamuda, Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport, Lufthansa, Munich Airport, New Delhi Airport, Oslo Airport, Shanghai Airport, Siemens and Saudi Oger.

Along with the many GSE products that we offer, Cavotec Aviation Market Unit includes:

Cavotec Aviation Design Services

Cavotec has assembled and developed a team of engineers who are able to design full gate in-ground systems for 400hz, Fuel, Wet Service and PCA. We have a track record and reference list as working as a gate designer for all of our in-ground GSE services. Cavotec is able to take on a turnkey gate design or, portions of the design to work as a consultant to the consultant, depending on the project requirements.

Cavotec System Integration

System Integration has been the back-bone of both Cavotec INET and Meyerinck businesses for the last forty years, this expertise and knowledge has been transferred to all of the Cavotec Aviation Market Unit and can be offered throughout our GSE Systems. Using a combination of Cavotec own manufactured equipment and strategic partner products and systems we are able to offer full gate GSE System Integration.

Cavotec System Installation

Depending upon geographic location, Cavotec is able to support our customers as a main contractor, sub contractor or a product supplier.

Company Profile

  • Cavotec’s Airports Unit

    Cavotec Dabico

    Cavotec Dabico has led the market for in-ground fuel systems for aircraft for over four decades from when the first airport hydrant fuelling systems were designed and installed. Customising products to meet the demands of customers is one of our specialities.

    Cavotec Fladung

    Cavotec Fladung has been a pioneer of airport ground support equipment specialising in in-ground utility systems – including our pre-compressed air (PCAir) system – mobile caddies, aircraft cables, connectors and tow-bars and cable coilers.

    Cavotec INET

    Cavotec INET US Inc. is an industry leader in its field and has a proud history of being at the forefront of new technological applications to increase efficiency, environment and safety at airports. Established in 1967, and headquartered in Fullerton, California, we design, manufacture and install stationary and mobile aircraft servicing equipment. Via Cavotec’s domestic and international sales and field support offices, we supply solid state frequency converters (400Hz, 28VDC, 270VDC) & motor generators, pre-conditioned air and power generation systems.

    Cavotec Meyerinck

    Cavotec Meyerinck, based in Germany, supplies a wide range of fuelling systems, fluid and surge control, and loading terminal products for the aviation sector. In addition, we manufacture similar solutions for the petrochemical and food & beverage industries.


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