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AGL Frangible Masts - Aircraft Warning Lights - Infrared - Aircraft Heating

Frangibility Safety Mast systems to UK and overseas airports and aircraft warning lights,  AGL connector kits and transformers. UK representatives for Polartherm.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Warning Lights

    The new high intensity aircraft warning lights complete the range of LED based medium and low intensity lighting, used in steady burning or flashing lights applications for flight obstacles, such as masts, wind turbines, towers, bridges and tall buildings. The products are designed to meet international CAP168, MoD standards, Defence Estates, ICAO and FAA standards.

    LED obstacle light benefits – LED High Intensity, Medium Intensity, Low and Specials

    • Up to 200,000cd LED high intensity lighting
    • Extensive range of Medium Intensity Lighting
    • Extensive range of Low Intensity Lighting
    • Designed in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence for Infrared lighting for wind turbines / met masts
    • System networking, via LAN, internet or GPRS.


    Usual LED benefits apply:

    • Expected life time more than 15 years
    • Exceptionally long 5 years warranty
    • 95% lower energy consumption in comparison to traditional obstacle lights
    • Maintenance free
    • Easy to install due to small size and low weight
    • Shock and vibration proof
    • Long life time and reliability reduce maintenance costs significantly
    • Eco-efficiency due to low material intensity,
    • Low operating costs due to low energy consumption and long life time, suitable for solar power applications, from 1W power consumption.
    • Competitive price in spite of outstanding advantages


    Reliability and quality

    The obstacle lights are based on LED technology and are proven to be extremely reliable, even in extreme nordic weather conditions. Our patented technologies make the products even more reliable.

    Life time costs

    Most led light products can be used virtually anywhere and require no servicing. Our obstacle light units also have a very low energy consumption, which generates further savings throughout the product life time.


  • Ground Support Heating

    UK representatives for Polartherm Oy.

    Polar 120 HD and GSH-1 are designed for heating up narrow body commercial airplanes. Our W20 is designed for wide body airplanes.

    Contact us for further details


  • Infrared LED Obstacle Lights - 850nm

    CEL Aviation Infrared (IR) aircraft warning lights have been approved for use on the UK On-shore Wind Turbines.

    After IR warning light development and extensive MoD ground and flight trails has now resulted in approval for CEL IR warning lighting.

    The IR warning lights are suited for single Turbine installations and larger Wind Farms alike including met masts and similar vertical assemblies.

    Fully compliant with MoD regulation Night vision goggles (NVGs) has resulted in safe and consistent detection ranges.

    IR only and IR+RED are also available depending on specific site requirements.

  • Airport Frangible Safety Poles - Masts - Fencing

    Manufactured by Exel Composites, Joensuu, Finland – UK delivery team Contarnex.

    • Fully-compliant with ICAO Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 6 – Frangibility (1st Edition 2006)
    • Full-scale impact tested according to Aerodrome Design manual No.6 to verify frangibility
    • Low mass composite structure disintegration assured at impact thus causing no secondary hazard to the aircraft
    • Built-in frangibility – no break-away points
    • Transparent to electromagnetic signals
    • Available in all normal heights up to 35 m
    • Easy installation
    • UV-protected
    • Maintenance free


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