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Airport Vehicle Solution, Baggage Sorting Solution, Airport Ground Service Solution, Airport Warehouse Management Solution, Airport Assets Inventory Solution

Cilico Microelectronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. CILICO RFID mobile computer expert. CILICO provides IoT solutions, services and products to customers in the aeronautics, transport, etc. Based on technology development, in-depth research on customer scenarios in the industry, continuous change, development and innovation, Cilico become an enterprise-level IoT data collecting terminal and service provider. With more than 100 technology patents and independent intellectual property rights. The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of design-driven, R & D innovation, quality-oriented, customer first.

The product supports different functions such as 1D/2D barcode scanning, RFID reading and writing, UHF, NFC, printing, fingerprint recognition, cloud platform development, etc.

CILICO Airport solution, by diving into the five application scenario(Airport Vehicle, Baggage Sorting, Airport Ground Service, Warehouse Management and Assets Inventory) , real-time information reading and real-time interaction for the entire process of civil aviation logistics, realizing traceability management of the entire process.

Combine barcode, RFID, GPS and other technologies to automatically identify, collect, record, and manage baggage, cargo, and airport vehicles, greatly reducing management and operating costs, reducing failure rates, and improving work efficiency.

Company Profile

  • Baggage Sorting Solution

    CILICO F880 mobile computer can read 1D/2D barcode and RFID tags.

    Baggage goods are affixed with RFID tags, when the baggage is checked and transported, the F880 mobile computer automatically reads the tags.

    The staff packs the boxes according to the tag information and binds the baggage and the box number.

    1. Check-in baggage
    2. Reading Label when carrying the luggage
    3. Pack according to label information
    4. The luggage container is bound with the container number

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  • Warehouse Management Solution

    This warehouse solution proposed by CILICO,  Using handheld terminals to greatly improve staff efficiency.

    1.Effectively improve work efficiency and avoid manual mistakes;
    2.Establish a complete and accurate database to realize the warehouse information management;
    3.Maximize the use of warehouse resources, reduce warehouse costs, and accelerate the speed of warehouse turnover.

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  • Airport Vehicle(Trolley/ Battery car/ Shuttle bus) Management Solution

    Manage airport vehicles with CILICO RFID handheld terminal

    1. RFID positioning management, can draw-out the vehicle distribution map in the entire airport, help quickly allocate according to the demands;
    2. Calculate vehicle utilization rate and optimize parking point distribution map;
    3. Effectively prevent the risk of vehicle lost and make up for management loopholes;
    4. Control the maintenance personnel distribution and work route in real time, optimize the personnel ratio, and reduce operating costs.

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  • Lost Baggage Management

    At the airport where the luggage is lost, the staff uses CILICO CM900 to check all the luggage in the room. Send a lost and found notice to help find the owner.

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