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EV Charging Integration for Airport Car Parks

Circontrol is a company founded in 1997 with headquarters in Viladecavalls (Barcelona). Its parking division designs and manufacture a global solution for efficient parking (guidance system, LED Lighting, energetic efficiency). Its emobility division manufactures a wide range of EV charging solutions that covers all market needs: domestic charge, slow charge (AC) and quick charge (DC).

Circontrol has a strong presence in the international market, where an 80% of its sales are allocated. Nowadays you can find Circontrol solutions in +60 countries with +55.000 charging points and 400.000 parking spaces managed with CirPark systems. Service is also very important for Circontrol, this is the reason why betting on a qualified aftersales service and a constant training for Circontrol partners are in company’s DNA.


EV Charging Integration for Car Parks

The installation of EV chargers in car parks come together with the challenge of making its management as easy as possible. Circontrol brings together its sixteen years of experience designing solutions for the efficient parking …

Cosmos - Cloud-Based EV Charger Monitoring Platform

Cosmos is a cloud-based platform designed to collect and store data from a specific set of EV Chargers for monitoring and reporting. Cosmos was created having in mind fleet managers, condominium administrators, car park operators …

Dynamic Load Management - Simultaneous EV Charging

EV drivers want to charge their vehicles faster, especially in public and semi-public spaces while charging services providers want to reduce their costs. This situation requires an intelligent system to manage the charge, and here …

Master-Slave Multipoint EV Charging System

Master-Slave is a multipoint charging system designed to minimize the initial investment (CAPEX) and the operating expenses (OPEX) when several chargers are required. This solution is a combination of a Master charger and a set …


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